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#504537 - 06/22/17 03:29 PM A Brief Moment in Time
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It was the year XXV when I witnessed the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I was traveling by rail from Rome to Munich, it was about 5:00 am. From my window I could see a perfectly flat landscape. The sky was gorgeous; moving between night and the first few seconds of dawn, a glorious twilight filled with deep purple, red and orange colors splashed across the horizon.

Suddenly I noticed a bright light, a fireball racing parallel to the train I was traveling on. It was perhaps 50 meters away and about 20 meters in diameter. It seemed to hover right outside my window, and I could see lightning fragments shooting off in all directions from its apparent center. This ball of fire maintained its speed outside my window and eventually broke up into nothing. If the train had turned to the right at any point during this event, this ball of fire would have collided with us.

I sat in stunned silence - I have no idea for how long. It took me quite a while to realize exactly what I had seen; a meteor had entered Earth's atmosphere at such an angle, that for its last few hundred miles journey, it ran parallel to the ground and burned out only 10 meters or so from the surface of the Earth. It would leave no crater behind, and I don't know if its existence was ever recorded by anything other than human eyeballs.

For me it was an affirmation of how wonderful and magnificent the REAL world is.

I have told this story to many people over the years, and I always get the same response: "You saw an angel!" "You saw a UFO!" "God was sending you a sign!" I have even had pseudo-satanists say "You saw Lucifer falling from the sky!" These types of responses remind me just how much I hate the people who make them.

Nature does so many remarkable things that we humans have little or no true knowledge of, and if we are lucky enough to witness something extraordinary, we are also lucky enough to have the intelligence to understand it for what it actually is, and that knowledge does not in any way diminish its wonder or glory.

Science (and our perception of reality) will probably never explain absolutely everything, but religion and dogmatic thinking explain absolutely nothing!

Life is neither an illusion, nor a mystery, and I truly detest those who try to convince the World that it is otherwise.

"You create your own. If you can't figure that one out, you're not much of a magician."

- Anton Szandor LaVey

#504618 - 07/09/17 11:04 AM Re: A Brief Moment in Time [Re: Baron Karza]
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Originally Posted By: Baron Karza

Life is neither an illusion, nor a mystery, and I truly detest those who try to convince the World that it is otherwise.

A claim about life is separate from a claim about perception, the latter of which is what most of your post seems to be about.

Detesting someone's interpretation of an event that you may or may not have perceived (let alone interpreted) correctly, seems a little hasty, no?
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