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#504677 - 07/18/17 07:20 AM Compiled magical works.
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I had posted on this forum what feels like an eternity ago, but I left to read some of the source material and reflect on what it meant; this was to gain a better understanding of Satanism, given my long history with more traditional applications of Witchcraft.

Here's what I've read:

The Satanic Bible (Anton Szandor LaVey).
The Satanic Rituals (Anton Szandor LaVey).
The Satanic Scriptures (Peter H. Gilmore).

The Church of Satan (Blanche Barton).

The Devil's Notebook (Anton Szandor LaVey).
Satan Speaks! (Anton Szandor LaVey).
Essays in Satanism (James D. Sass).

I don't intend to go too much further with individual texts, unless under specific recommendation due to any topics I get involved with here. But my question is this:

The works on Satanic magic are very good, and rival most modern Witchcraft traditions in depth and scope. Is there a collected volume of Satanic greater magic, outside of the texts listed, that I'm unaware of?

Maybe what I'm after is a condensed "Satanic Grimoire", rather than multiple disparate sources that discuss magic, in some cases, as an afterthought.
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#504702 - 07/27/17 07:15 AM Re: Compiled magical works. [Re: Isobel Gowdie]
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I think what you have already read tells you all you need to know. Satanism is a religion of the individual, we do not actually believe in any supernatural deities, demons etc. We suspend our disbelief during the course of our rituals in order to derive an emotional response, in the same way that while your are watching a movie or play you 'forget' the fact that you are just watching a bunch of paid actors.
Dr Lavey created the rituals in the Satanic Rituals in accordance with his own interests (a student of world mythology and a fan of HP Lovecraft) as a springboard for COS members to customize in accordance with their own personal interests. So really The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals tell you all you need to know about both private and group ritual - the rest is up to you! There is no right or wrong way to do Satanic Greater Magic (or any requirement that a Satanist does it all), whatever works for you is right, for you.
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#504742 - 08/03/17 06:42 AM Re: Compiled magical works. [Re: Mannyowar]
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Thank you for the response.

More traditional witches and warlocks have a concept called the Book of Shadows, a concept that I've no doubt you're familiar with. None of the main texts of Satanism really fill that gap (The Satanic Rituals doesn't present a "system" in the same way The Satanic Bible does), so I was wondering if there was a publication that did.

Nigh two thirds of The Satanic Bible is based on the performance of magic, but it seems to be the least important thing to a lot of Satanists.

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