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#504743 - 08/03/17 06:53 AM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Skinner]
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Outside of clarifying your views given specific, and credible, circumstances, people announcing 'what' they are (Satanist/Christian/Buddhist/homosexual) are using that definition as an identity crutch, or excuse for certain behaviours.

Your mileage may vary.

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#504807 - 08/19/17 11:42 PM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Skinner]
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I have been a self proclaimed Satanist for over 20 years and a card carrying member for well over 10 years in a very liberal city in the United States of America. To this day maybe five people know that I am a Satanist.

Satanism advocates pragmatism and usefulness. Keep that in mind when telling anybody anything about yourself!

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#504809 - 08/20/17 06:44 AM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Skinner]
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The area I live in is on the edge of the Dutch version of the Bible belt, mostly liberal with an unhealthy spike of backwardness here and there. Ya know, perfectly sane people until the word "dinosaur" comes up or someone suggests to open the stores on Sundays.

So I'm open about it in the sense that my world views are Satanic as can be and I'm verbal enough about them. I would never literally proclaim it however without very good reasons and frankly I can think of none.

I would not deny it either if asked and have quite some Satanic literature stacked on my shelves for all to see (but then again, I do have a lot of books).

Apparently the philosophy is too obscure to make the connection between my way of life and the word for it.

#504933 - 09/24/17 01:04 PM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Skinner]
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People have an obsession of openly divulging all kind of details of their personal lives. (This is why Facebook is so popular) I have the belief that strangers only need to know the necessary minimum about me. So the chances of discussing my system of beliefs with people who don't know me already are practically zero.

The opportunity of discussing religion never presents in my daily life. Usually, that's the third or fourth question to pop up... and I always stop the conversation at question one.

In the kind of "multicultural" environment where I work people have a habit of using "where are you from" as a greeting. My answer to that is the most polite version of "that's none of your business" I can compose on the fly. So the matter gets nipped in the bud before the topic of religion appears.

You know in cop movies when they arrest someone and always tell them "anything you say can be used against you". That should be applied to all situations in life.
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#505150 - 11/26/17 11:56 AM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Skinner]
RussTheArtist Offline

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I'm open about it to friends and my work. I work at a comic shop owned by an atheist couple so I don't hide. I could give less of a fraction of a fuck if my mother knew, but trying to explain to her would be a headache ad I like avoiding conflict, so to her, I'm just agnostic with a dark library.

Only others I opened up to were Mormons on bikes, Jehova's Witnesses and annoying right wing soccer moms. Their faces and reactions are priceless.

#505155 - 11/27/17 05:59 PM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: RussTheArtist]
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My mother doesn’t really like to think about it but I am open to her about it and my father would flip if he knew exactly what I was ““ doing “. They both know I have a dark library or at least had... I need to re-purchase them very very slowly.

My mom doesn’t care about my dark library and my Baphomet necklace and my dad doesn’t really care about my Baphomet necklace and doesn’t even look into my library but if he really knew what was going on he would probably die of a heart attack and I don’t want to kill the poor man.

Mom however is very open with me and she knows I’ve always had a penchant for the Darkside and things that are more unusual, mystical, etc.

Other people have asked me what my necklace “meant” and I said it’s a very personal thing and it would be complex to explain and have them understand.

I hope this message makes sense it’s 8:00 PM where I am and I just took a whole bunch of needed heavy medication (prescription of course) so I may not be making the most sense .


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#505356 - 12/08/17 06:12 PM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Phillip]
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You know, even if someone gets past the whole devil worship portal, then the you think you're God portal, and is open-minded, there are real beliefs in Satanism that by society's standards are immoral. Like imagine if you openly announced "I'm selfish," "I'm at the center of the universe," "I don't care about the poor," etc. That's why I think it's not a good idea to announce your true "intentions."

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#505369 - Yesterday at 11:21 AM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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Selfish, yes.

"Don't care about the poor"? Depends on the context. Some of the most caring and generous people I know are Satanists.

I would suggest that whatever actions we might take in response to such "caring" comes not from any desire to earn approval from others, to earn a "good guy badge".

Charity toward someone we feel is deserving is very Satanic.

We do not agree with the image of Satan to be that of the Judeo-Islamic-Christian sadistic monster who tortures fools in Hell.

Our view is that "Satan is a gentleman."

A gentleman may sometimes be generous and caring toward someone less well off ("poor").

That is not a weakness. It can be an indulgence.

Context is everything.
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#505376 - Yesterday at 07:30 PM Re: Are you open about being a Satanist? [Re: Nemo]
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Originally Posted By: Nemo
Charity toward someone we feel is deserving is very Satanic.

To support Magister Nemo's suggestions...

About two weeks ago I learned of a charity event.

People were collecting toys for the less fortunate.

I went to the mall and purchased a teddy bear, which I delivered to the event literally ten minutes later.

It was a matter of timing. I was feeling in a charitable mood and the idea of a child (who would otherwise have nothing to open for Christmas) being able to open a gift and find a teddy to love for years gives me pleasure.

It's not a frequent act. I don't do it out of a feeling of obligation. I don't do it "because it's the right thing to do". I do it because I the idea felt appealing. Plus I had the money to do so.

A purely selfish act, in other words. I did it because the idea of creating a smile makes me feel good.

I hadn't told anyone about the donation until now, and wasn't planning to tell anyone at all.

Merry Christmas.

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