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#504712 - 07/30/17 10:00 AM What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept?
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I think my favorite Satanic concept is alien elite. That's ironic, seeing as back in 2009, I asked Mgsta. Ygraine what it was and seemed confused. Remember her?

Anyway, I like it because it gives me strength and confidence. It encourages me to be careful about who I let into my world.

And you?
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#504713 - 07/30/17 01:26 PM Re: What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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Mine would have to be the black flame.

Has that ethereal, power granting feel to it. Much like it is a reservoir of untapped power that can be manifested in every satanist.
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#504718 - 07/31/17 12:41 PM Re: What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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While related to the black flame, my favorite satanic concept is seeking the "Third Side" to any argument. It is through this concept that I saw the Satan within me, though in my youth I did not understand it as such. The third side is a result of the unabashed use of reason that, if one is truly satanic, seeks to comport the external world to the direction in which the black flame draws and is informed by ones will. Yes, and I hope this does not start a debate, I, personally, for the purposes of my own GBM, draw a distinction between that great flame and ones will.


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#504728 - 08/01/17 09:07 AM Re: What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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My favorite satanic concept is being the center of your own subjective universe, and being able to choose who I want to love and hate passionately. It makes me more confident in my own choices, and who I affiliate with.

#504737 - 08/02/17 06:06 PM Re: What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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I wouldn't say I have an absolute favorite Satanic concept, but a few of the ones I am most fond of would include the Synthesizer Clock, the Law of the Trapezoid, and Erotic/Emotional Crystallization Inertia.
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#504739 - 08/03/17 05:21 AM Re: What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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Mine would have to be Stratification. Allowing the incompetent and lazy to feel the full effects of their inferiority, rather than being propped up at the expense of the diligent and responsible.
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#504805 - 08/19/17 11:03 PM Re: What's Your Favorite Satanic Concept? [Re: ConquerOrPerish]
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I have to agree with Dax9,

The law of the Trapezoid was probably one of the first really tangible ideas I could clearly identify and attempt to re-create for my own purposes with success.

shoot, I just recently had Hydra Star create me a custom ouija board, and it has a huge trapezoid on it (It is a beautiful work of art!)
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