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#505125 - 11/16/17 05:01 AM Can I join the CoS if I believe that Satan is a REAL entity?
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I believe that Satan is the will to creative destruction, a cyclical process with neither beginning nor end.

This is not some mysterious force, but a process we see all around us.

For inorganic substances, this is manifested as the conservation of energy and mass. For organic substances, this is libido, the life force energy.

Only a Satanist can harness this will or power and use it for their own purposes, for example, to become more evil beings.

I respect and revere the will to creative destruction.

This is Satan.

Satan is REAL.

#505127 - 11/16/17 06:35 AM Re: Can I join the CoS if I believe that Satan is a REAL entity? [Re: Maledictus]
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I think we'd refer to ourselves more in the Nietzschean understanding of beyond good and evil, as opposed to being the wilfully destructive element you appear to be advocating.

We don't strive to be "evil" people and have no drive for "creative destruction" and we don't believe Satan to be a "real entity"

It can be said that Satan is the life-force, or the libido though. So maybe it's a matter of semantics in your description.
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