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#505633 - 03/04/18 10:37 PM Greater Magic and revenge
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Im new to this forum and I apologize if this has been asked already.

I am about half through The Satanic Bible. Maybe I will find the answer to my question as I keep reading.

It is my understanding that if somebody does something to you, then according to the bible, you have the right to get revenge on them through the use of Greater Magic or other means.

I also know the COS speaks against taking one against their will, such as a "love spell".

My question is, and I am well aware I might would get more than I am bargaining for here, but there is a guy I have been seeing off and on for 6 years. I love him and do not want to hurt him, but he has done me wrong. VERY very wrong and according to The Satanic Bible I have every right to get revenge. But again, I dont want to hurt him. I also know he will do me wrong again, when and if I give him half the chance. Although, he says he loves me, he has a sure funny way of showing it.

Would I be justified in using a love spell as my revenge in this case? Or am I thinking in the wrong direction?

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Greater Magic discussion is usually reserved for the CoS Members section of LttD but the short answer to your question is that only you can make that call. Personally, I'd remove the person from my life before taking any revenge. If you're still hung up on them, any harmful results to them will harm you as well.


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