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#50762 - 07/29/04 08:18 PM In a moment of weakness
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I recently decided to see a Dr. about depression. I have had
depression on and off since I was 14. He prescribed an anti
depressant pills and I was hesitant to try it because I am health
conscious and these pills had a list of side effects a mile long. I
was in deep emotional pain and in a moment of weakness I went home
and tried them. Even at a half dose I felt strange. I felt really
dizzy, I almost passed out, I was on the floor in a cold sweat
feeling rather sick. I will never try an anti depressant again. I
then started researching about how anti depressants work and how
they inhibit the seritonin from leaving your body. Unfortunately
after prolonged use, it looses it's effectiveness and the dose has
to be increased. Eventually your body stops producing seritonin the
way it's supposed to and you become dependent on the drug.
Others profit off of others weaknesses. How Satanic of them.

#50763 - 07/29/04 08:22 PM Re: In a moment of weakness [Re: azailia]
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So what you are really trying to say is????

#50764 - 07/29/04 08:30 PM Re: In a moment of weakness [Re: azailia]
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It is a requirement for new users to introduce themselves before posting in the forums. Be kind enough and do so before assuming anyone is interested in hearing the personal problems of someone they don't know, think about it. This is a message system for discussion on Satanism, try the AOL boards for all other unrelated stuff, please, thanks.

#50766 - 07/29/04 09:17 PM Re: Lessons learned... [Re: ]
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Take this scenario in mind, what if it’s barbed wired fence and by the fear of the wire you are not only suppose to believe that the other side is lacking in “human quality” but you are also if to the death to defend the side you have been since birth raised on? And who is to know the difference of the sides as every person has their own fence and barbwire and each others eyes are blindly fixed on each other through the fence? What does that make them on the other side? “the enemy" or just stupid, I have a hard time comprehending how "life is suppose to be" That we are either on one side or the other bullshit f$$k that shit. I could give two f$$ks what side you are on as long as you do not try to infiltrate to my side! Stay to your own a leave me the f$$k alone!


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