I recently rented out a suite in a commercial building. There are two suites in this building and unfortunatly the electric boxes were on his side of the building. I began to recieve extremelly high electric bills. After doing some investigating I discovered that I was billed for 75% of his electric bill. After a much heated discussion with the owner of the building and the a - hole next door we came up with a solution. The a - hole next door gave me a check to cover his portion of the electric bill and the owner said he would fix the elecrtic problem. The check bounced and it looked like the owner was going to take his sweet time about fixing the problem. I decided to have the elecricity in the building turned off (and I could because it was in my name). The a-hole next door has to have electricity to work. I don't hehe. He had to put down a 1400 dollar deposit to get the electricity in his name and now he is paying the electric for the whole building. I am loving this so much. I just thought I would share my sweet revenge story.
Hail Satan!