Johnson Smith Company - the legendary catalog

This is a good site on the history of the catalog from the 1910's through the 1950's. I am personally a collector of pranks, and have been for some time. I also make up pranks that people haven't quite shared my excitement on. But, oh well! Perhaps this site is more entertaining.

It also has a link to the Official Johnson Smith online site, which I note is not mentioned in the "Sources" section of the CoS website.

The Official J/S Site

However, I'll agree that the latest stuff is not quite as good. The last time I ordered this catalog was around 1997, and I haven't ever renewed my subscription. However, the history of how this developed is somewhat informative as to what happened to the good ol' jokes and how it got overwhelmed by the "new" stuff.

Check out the Anti-Gravity handbook!

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