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#57963 - 09/21/04 01:42 PM The so called "necronomicon"
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I was in Barnes and Noble the other day, and I saw they had a copy of the Necronomicon spellbook. Out of sheer curiousity, I picked it up, read it, and laughed. It seemed so hypocritical at times and so serious and psuedo-Xtian yet psuedo pagan that I was almost tempted to buy it, just for the entertainment value. It does however require the "magician" to call on various spirits for this and that, sort of like the infernal Names in The Satanic Bible. One of the principal names in the necronomicon, Marduk, is even mentioned in TSB. After reading it, it made me wonder: Does the Church of Satan have an official position on these so called spells? Personally I think it falls under the LaVeyan philoshpy of hypocritcal self deceit, and for that reason alone i will not take part. Read it for yourself, if you're not familiar.
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#57964 - 09/21/04 01:44 PM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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#57965 - 09/22/04 08:14 AM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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Is it just me, or is your sig line a quote by Khan in Star Trek 2?
Love completely those who deserve your love, & hate just as completely those who deserve your hatred! Hail Satan! Mike Hargis

#57966 - 09/22/04 08:17 AM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Mike_Hargis]
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Moby Dick. Herman Melville
Captain Ahab.

But the character of Khan was, I believe, based on Ahab.
I think.

WH Bean

#57967 - 09/29/04 04:47 PM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Mike_Hargis]
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It might be, I'm not a fan of star trek but i got it from a friend of mine
"I come from hell, presently, to take you there!" -Edward "Blackbeard" Teach "You can't spell Slaughter without Laughter!" "What must one do to become blessed? That I do not know, but I say to you: 'Be Blessed, and then do whatever you please." -Friedrich Nietzsche

#57968 - 10/16/04 04:21 AM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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Off topic, but i thoroughly reccomend reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville. One of the finest portrayal of obsession ever put onto paper, and a masterpiece in it's own right. After that i suggest Paradise Lost by John Milton. Class dismissed!

#57969 - 10/19/04 04:16 PM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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I happen to own an anthropology book concerning Babylonian Paganism and I am familiar with the use of names of Ancient Gods such as Marduch. However, the relation between the Necronomicon images and the genuine Gods is little, like it's importance beyond what is written in the article about it in the CoS website.

Personally, the use I have for this book is as a Ritual prop - which I find quite satisfactory as a person residing in a Levantine country

Hail Mardu..errr Satan!
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#57970 - 10/23/04 01:15 AM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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Sweet topic... I love this little book for all the "mischief" it causes...

First off, let me introduce myself as not a "SATANIST" so much as a "satanist philosopher"

It never ceases to entertain me how some little rebellious, antisocial eleven-teen year old can earn themself the title of "diabolical", "wicked", and just plain ol evil by owning a piece of wonderful fiction...

though the historical and mythological implications of Lovecraft's work are astounding, I think one of the replys said it best in that "I use it as a prop for psychodrama" which it more than serves it's purpose.

I don't think modern Satanism (having been familiar with it for over eight years now) is best represented by hokey-ass mumbo-jumbo written by a sci-fi author whose works have inspired everything from the likes of grade B horror flicks to live-action role-playing games.

...course I could be wrong, I'm really damn drunk right now.

#57971 - 10/23/04 08:34 AM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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Personally I think it falls under the LaVeyan philoshpy of hypocritcal self deceit, and for that reason alone i will not take part.

First, if for whatever reason you haven't yet, read the essay that LKRice offered the link to.

If you've read TSB, then you should be at least familiar with the idea of the "suspension of disbelief." Do you fully understand what that concept is? In Satanic ritual, Satanists conciously decide to suspend their disbeliefs in order to stimulate themselves with a psychodramatic experience. Rituals need not be limited to what is outlined in TSB or TSR. Satanists can, of course, author their own ritual, and the premise that Satanists are individuals with large amounts of creative originality encourages one to do so.

Since a Satanist can construct their own original ritual for whatever purpose, of course they can include any tool or prop which will successfully stimulate them in the desired manner. Someone brought up in a Christian household may conduct a ritual that cleanses them of any Christian residue through actions that would be considered traditional blasphemy in the eyes of Christians. Thus, a Holy Bible may be a prop used in Satanic ritual, for the purpose of stimulating the participants in its destruction (or other blaspheme). To a Satanist brought up in a Buddhist household, destroying a Christian text may do absolutely nothing for them in the way of stimulation.

To a Satanist who has read many stories by H. P. Lovecraft, and/or studied the more ancient religions of Sumeria, The Necronomicon may be an extremely stimulating tome to use in Satanic ritual.

As far as the book itself, yes, it is a work of fantasy and fiction built upon some half truths of an ancienct Sumerian religion. (And that is why a suspension of disbelief is necessary to successfully use this book in ritual.) Since the Satanist knows he or she is suspending his or her disbelief, it is not a case of hypocritical self deceit because it is a concious choice to do it. After the ritual, disbeliefs are returned.

Remember, Satanism is about bringing extremes and seemingly opposites together; magic and logic, fantasy and reality.
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
-Carl Sagan

#57972 - 10/23/04 12:34 PM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Mason_Rust]
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#57973 - 10/23/04 01:25 PM Close but no cigar. [Re: sillysatanicname]
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Greetings Mr. "satanist philosopher".

After you have sobered up and made you proper required introduction in the appropriate forum you can perhaps come back here and explain precisely how you can be a "satanist philosopher" and not a Satanist.

I'm looking forward to that!
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#57974 - 10/24/04 07:58 PM Re: The "Necronomicon", Lovecraft, and ancient Iraq [Re: Helliott]
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I suppose there is nothing left to say about the multiple copies of the "Necronomicon", or suspension of disbelief within the ritual chamber. Mason_Rust's comments and the link above did a better job of that than I could have mustered.

One thing I can add is in the original post you are referring to the "Necronomicon spellbook", and that is one section from the "Necronomicon" by Avon books that is being resold as a "spellbook" to capitalize on the popularity. The copy by Avon is the only "Necronomicon" (I have found or heard of) that isn't purely based on Lovecrafts stories. The problem is the text is a mix of; Lovecraftian Gods and stories, Sumerian / Akkadian Gods and stories, and a healthy dose of imagination, all thrown into a blender until it turns an unhealthy shade of brown. Some of Lovecrafts stories are based on Sumerian Gods and stories, and some are half-based. For example, the Demon "Azagthoth" is a compound of the Sumerian Demon "AZAG" and the Egyptian God Thoth. The extremely popular Cthulhu does not exist. Cthulhu is probably morphed from or based on the Sumerian fish-humanoid Demon "Kulullu".
Whatever works for you in ritual, let it work. As far as the tonal qualities of the Sumerian language, they work for me. If you don't know what the words mean, it probably won't make one difference to you anyways.
*wink wink*

Just my 2 cents

#57975 - 10/25/04 02:29 PM Humorous Side Note [Re: Svengali]
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Just an aside...

I purchased Avon's Necronomicon around the age of twelve for the humor value. Though I didn't know the full background on where the book came from, I was still quite aware that it was a work of fiction and not to be taken seriously. So, when one of my friends who was much more of an occultnik than I warned me of the dangers of the book, I scoffed it away.

"Just so you know," he said, "there's a few things you never want to do with that book. Don't read aloud from it. Never leave it sitting open--if you aren't reading it, make sure it's closed. Oh, and it's also a good idea to keep it face down because of the symbol on the front." I laughed at this. "Why? What's going to happen if I break those rules," I asked. "You never know, man, but bad stuff, I'm sure. I'm just trying to help you out, you know. That book deals with some powerful stuff that you don't want to welcome into your life."

Well, it turned out that his advice was right on the money, but for the wrong reasons. That day, I went home and broke all of his rules, just so I could shove it in his face the next day, as 12 year old boys are sometimes wont to do. I read from it aloud (that is, the parts that I had a snowball's chance in Hell of pronouncing), left it open while attending to other boyhood responsibilities, and eventually when I was finished with my little experiments, left it on my bed right-side-up with the sigil on the cover for any would be demon to see. But it wasn't a demon, spook, or undead specter who ended up seeing was my disapproving mother. The consequences to leaving the book cover up was far worse than simply inviting unwelcomed forces: a month without Friday night movies, and instead, Wednesday afternoon discussions with my local Catholic priest!
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
-Carl Sagan

#57976 - 10/25/04 02:56 PM Re: Humorous Side Note [Re: Mason_Rust]
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I bet that by breaking all the rules you were given the consequences were worst than any demon or even hell would have given you. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself.

Being the mother of two teen boys at home I always wondered what I would do if I found something in their room that I would not approve of. Then I remembered I rarely go into their room except to say good night. Now if I could get them to read anything at all I would be a happy mother.

#57977 - 03/06/06 07:54 AM Re: The so called "necronomicon" [Re: Helliott]
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I had terrible terrible luck after obtaining the Necronomicon and the accompanying spellbook. And I have no real clue why.

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