Let us have some entertainment.

This little game is addressed mainly to those who have read The Satanic Witch recently. Those learned and highly accomplished in Lesser Magic will see no challenge in this game.

So, here is the story:

There is a man happily married with his perfect, Demonic counterpart.

She -his woman- loves folk music, but has recently developed some interest for experimental, electronic music. She plays the flute in a Celtic Rock band to earn a living.

She likes footing on Sunday mornings, but she feels more comfortable at the swimming pool, where she goes three times a week, although she has never excelled too much.

She loves going to concerts, and never goes to bed until she has watched some stand-up comedy show -unless it is full moon, when she feels more creative and can spend the whole night reorganizing the decoration of the house.

With this information, can you guess which is the Core personality of the husband?