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#58770 - 09/27/04 07:45 AM Question Regarding Membership
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Greetings, I have a few questions related to joining the Church of Satan. First, I am turning 18 this November on the 25th. So as of yet, I am not 18 and I do not have the money to become a full registered member. I am trying to save up in secret, as my parents DO NOT agree with Satanism at all. But my parents sadly control my savings account and I have no way of accessing it. Now as to my actual question, I would like to know if you have any recommendations (excuse me if the spelling is not correct) as to how I can either save up to become an official member or somehow be affilliated with the COS. Second, I have read in a post that wearing the baphomet and a t-shirt that is related to COS content could cause me to be judged as "a fake". I am far from a fake as a matter of fact, I am determined to learn more about Satanism and read my Satanic Bible once it comes in the mail. Would wearing my baphomet medallion in public be a good or bad thing? I under NO CIRCUMSTANCES announce to ANYONE that I am Satanist. I simply say "I don't belive in God" and go on my way. I don't care to converse with people who bring up "Jesus" in every other sentence that escapes their tainted lips. But moving on to the last question, I know finding members around my area is out of the question since I am not as of now a member. But how would I be able to have a support basis if I cannot be in contact with other members? I am not saying that I require support to continue further into Satanism, I am simply asking how I can establish contact with people who relate to my situations and understand my beliefs if I cannot be in contact with members. Please let me know when you get the opportunity to do so.

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There is no need for you to be in contact with other members. The available literature, as well as the COS website, provides you with everything you need to find out whether you are a Satanist. If you wish to become involved with the Church of Satan you will have to make the decision whether you want to spend that $200 to get access. I have gotten far more than that from my membership, but you get back according to what you put in.
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