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#58855 - 09/27/04 09:38 AM HALLOWEEN
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The season is here.

What are your plans?

Are you decorating your house?

Are you going to dress up?

If so, what as?

Are you going to throw a Halloween bash?

What’s the plan?

Post photos if appropriate!

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#58856 - 09/27/04 09:55 AM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
sCara Offline

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What are your plans?

Celebrate our second wedding anniversary!


Are you decorating your house?

Aww hell, I forgot to take down the decorations from last year..


Are you going to dress up? If so, what as?

Yep! Nakey bat..


Are you going to throw a Halloween bash?

We really should but we probably won't because we are a bit unsocial..

What will our fine Reverend Svengali be digging up?

#58857 - 09/27/04 11:25 AM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
Mistress Noel Offline

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Well, Halloween is a HUGE event in our household. I have been slowly decorating and shopping over the past couple of weeks. This weekend I found a new Halloween superstore that opened up in a K-Mart that shut down. It's enormous! I literally spent hundreds on Saturday.

My girlfriend and I have decided to dress up as Masked Madams. Don't ask ... I'll post pictures later. We have a Halloween bash every year, and we were thinking of doing a themed party (Pimps & Hoe's), but then realized that could limit our guest's creativity. So we are just going to do the same costume cocktail party that we do every year. We recently bought a new home, so it will be fun to christen it properly.

All photos will be posted down below.

Ms. Fox

#58858 - 09/27/04 12:17 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
Corvin Offline
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A buddy and myself will be running around base well after everyone else is in bed drawing chalk outlines everywhere we think would be amusing (outside of the mess hall, behind any parked tanks, etc) I'll post pics in the humor section if they turn out in the dark.

#58859 - 09/27/04 03:14 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
Bill_M Offline
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>>What are your plans?

The same thing I've been doing every Halloween since 1989: some form of formal ritual. Though I'm considering doing some traveling this year.
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#58860 - 09/27/04 04:59 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
bobstain Offline

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My band has a show this Halloween season (the 29th to be exact). As it is most appropriate for us to play a Halloween show, and this is the first we've ever done it should be a whole lot of fun (not to mention completely out of control). I'm not sure exactly what we're going to do, but I'm sure it will include fake blood and gore, confetti, and alike. Anyone that enjoys hardcore (and is from around the DC area) can feel free to ask me and I can give some info on the show.
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#58861 - 09/28/04 06:37 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
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The Halloween season is always present in my abode. The wife and I are very much into the bizzare and macabre. People are actually afraid to come over to our house because they say they see, hear, and feel things that "aren't right". We have vampire and werewolf paraphernalia displayed prominently throughout the house, and our bedroom is adorned with bats and spiders of all kinds. Also, very near and dear to me is my collection of Hellraiser figures; always on display in my dining room.

Occasionally, we through a party on Halloween; come as whatever. We very rarely ever go out, though. Prefering to stay in and watch an assortment of B-Rated horror flicks. (I especially enjoy a good Vincent Price or Christopher Lee movie...). Oh, and for Halloween, I always go as a pshycopath.
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#58862 - 09/28/04 07:28 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
Satanya Offline

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I usually start putting up decorations on the 1st of October and don't take them down until the 1st of December. We'll be throwing a party this year & I'll be probably dressing up as a Pin-Up, you know, just the working clothes.

#58863 - 09/28/04 07:55 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
Solomon Offline
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Plans are in being formed for a Halloween celebration for associates from work as well as friends and relatives. Afterwards, a select few will be joining me in the ritual chamber. I'm having a red velvet cloak made for the occasion.

The house was completely decorated somewhere in the middle of September...until a new pet decided to rearrange to fit her liking, so I will be waiting for mid October to reset for the party.

I'm not sure what the costume will be this year. I saw one called "Keeping up the faith" which is a priest costume with an inflatable erection. I know I want something priest-related (not due to child molestation issues, fuck them all who harm a child, but more for the blasphemy of it all) I've been milling it over in my head.

As far as pictures, I'll post them downstairs. I have a feeling I'll be needing a bigger memory card for this one.

#58864 - 09/29/04 03:19 AM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Solomon]
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Priest constume huh? Something like this maybe, certainly my first choice for the next Carnaval. (Halloween isn't really big in Holland, but Carnaval is, at least in the south).

237240-augenaufcd.jpg (33 downloads)

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#58865 - 09/29/04 08:45 AM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
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I'll do the same as last year, namely throwing a party, and have everyone dress up as something wierd. This year, I'm going as Marvin the Paranoid Android, and a pal of mine as Wodehouse's Jeeves.

So to put it short:

"Same procedure as last year miss Sophie?"
"Same procedure as EVERY year, james"

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#58866 - 09/29/04 12:45 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
chimera Offline

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"The season is here.
What are your plans?"

Same Old x 2... scaring the Hell out of all the herd I can.
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#58867 - 09/29/04 04:36 PM No Halloween Here, Sir... [Re: Svengali]
CannibalSpirit Offline

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Of course we celebrate Halloween in this country.
... but not after you are 15.
Since you are a young adult, you celebrate the "Day of Peruvian Music".
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#58868 - 09/29/04 05:21 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
Entity Offline

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Normally, Fifi and I would throw a party. This year we will save on the post-mayhem cleaning bills.

We will be attending a party being held in honour of the official launch of "Rule Satannia" magazine at the Black Mass club in London.

Looking forward to it.
~ Reverend Entity

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#58869 - 09/29/04 09:29 PM Re: HALLOWEEN [Re: Svengali]
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Since my house is always decorated with a Witch Crossing sign on my garage and The Witch is In or you turn it over and The Witch is Out on my front door. Inside I have Witches and Haunted Houses all over the place.

We alway attend what ever parties are going on in the area but we also celebrate Halloween by giving each other presents as well as lots of candy. We also attend Trick or Treat Village which is at the Stone Barn Castle. This is mainly for kids but my teens like to go there because we all scare the people that work there.

Starting in October I start wearing my winter cape which is black everywhere I go. When ever my husband and I go out like to town meetings or other places, I always wear my Gothic gowns because they are made of heavy black velvet. Everyone around here thinks it is normal since they all call me "The Witch".

We celebrate the whole month of October because it isn't only Halloween, it is also my husbands birthday. So you see October is a great month for us.

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