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#59541 - 09/30/04 09:07 PM Introduction Forum Restrictions
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How about allowing only Moderators, Administrators, and the original user to post replies in the Introduction forum?

Doing this would iliminate needless arguements and general bitching, improving the overall image of this message board. The purpose of the Introduction forum was to let new users show their worth, not take a public beating, no matter how much they deserve/need it. There will be plenty of time for the beatings later, after they start to form thoughts and express them publically. :

Hell, even if they need beatings, it would be better done through intelligent stabs by the Leaders of this board, not by any and every Member or user who can type a four letter word.

Restricting access would also prevent duplicate posts saying "Welcome!" from taking up space on the Magister's server (which I admit, I have been a part of myself).

If the poster is an old friend or someone you know personally, a Private Message would be more appropiate and would conserve space.

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#59542 - 10/01/04 07:18 AM Re: Introduction Forum Restrictions [Re: Wonka]
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This would be a restriction of type "users may post new threads, but not reply in old ones they didn't create themselves". It could work, but I fear that this would lead to a bunch of new threads with "Re: Some-Old-Thread" because people wouldn't take the hint.

Further, this is assuming the permission system of the board differentiates between posting a new thread and posting a reply. If it doesn't, I don't see how this is implementable.

I do agree with your point, but I don't know if it would have the effect we wanted.
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#59543 - 10/01/04 11:36 AM Re: Introduction Forum Restrictions [Re: Wonka]
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In some cases, this is serving the Introduction forum's purpose: sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

Just be aware that if you are making repeated, moronic replies to new posters of any stripe, you yourself may be found to be "chaff."
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#59544 - 10/01/04 12:32 PM Re: Introduction Forum Restrictions [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Just be aware that if you are making repeated, moronic replies to new posters of any stripe, you yourself may be found to be "chaff."

I agree with this assessement

I've observed that this is truly the source of the 'problem' being here discussed.

Granted, there are a score of individuals that choose to participate on this message board who, quite frankly, should be doing something more suited to their sewing soccer balls in a sweat shop in India.

Yet, that they manage to somehow 'chimp' their incoherent notions into words is to the point...they are showing you exactly who they are.

This saves the Satanist both time and effort, who should waste little of both on such individuals.

As for those that do...well, you may be under the impression that your 'slinging' is justice in action; however from outside the 'monkey-cage', it comes off more like a couple of primates involved in an often equally matched feces fight.



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