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#60964 - 10/12/04 04:36 PM a 2 part question
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I am planning to join th CoS soon and I have a question- Is it possible to receive the Cloven Hoof newsletter as an e-zine? Or maybe is it possible to not receive it at all? Or maybe I should ask, how does it come packaged in the mail?

Now on to the second question- Last night I read that its possible for non CoS members to pay a small fee and attend CoS grotto rituals. Is this true?LET ME STATE HERE THAT I DO NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT WISH TO DO THIS!!!!!!!! A SIMPLE YES OR NO ANSWER WILL SUFFICE THANK YOU!!!!!! I have done some pretty powerful rituals by myself and do not need others to join me, or for me to join them.. I am just curious, as this seems to kinda fly in face of the church's policy of not putting non members in contact with members. In case you are wondering where I read that, it is a book called Take a Walk on The Dark Side: (something to the effect of) Curses, subliminals, and tragedies of Rock N Roll. There is a Chapter in it about LaVey and the CoS and the devil/Satanism's influence on rock music and pop- culture. It is an entertaining read, but I can't help but wonder if the author had all his facts straight.
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Group activity is not mandatory. Non members are not placed in contact with members by the organization. It is possible that some members will choose to allow non members into ritual for a fee, but this is not COS policy.

The Cloven Hoof is not automatically sent to members. It is not available as an e-zine.

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I had read in Barton's biography (The Secret Life of a Satanist) that when Dr. LeVay began gathering together his knowledge about the human condition and magic in general, he gave seminars on his ideas.
Oft times he would charge for entrance into these educational seminars. This was, to my remembering, well before April 1966, however still conducted at the Black House.
This may well be the source of your reports of "paying to play."

Gotta agree with Magister Rose, check your sources.


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I only wanted to add to Magister Rose's clear answers that group ritual usually serves more of a ceremonial function than one involving magic. The ceremonial function is often intended as much as self-reminder of Satanic principles as it is a declaration of intent in a social setting.

Both have a special power in their own way.

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