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#62539 - 10/25/04 07:24 PM Satanism v's Imperialism
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I would like to raise the question:

Is their any difference between Imperialism and Satanism?

From what I have read of the Church of Satan I can see that the values represented here are very similar to those that current Western leaders use to satisfy their own desires for power. Especially with respect to Americas liberation of Iraq.

Imperialism can be defined as:

"The policy, practice, or advocacy of seeking, or acquiescing in, the extension of the control, dominion, or empire of a nation, as by the acquirement of new, esp. distant, territory or dependencies, or by the closer union of parts more or less independent of each other for operations of war, copyright, internal commerce, etc."
- source

Leaders desiring and claiming other countries to create dependencies for personal and national benefit...

The first of the Nine Satanic Statements states:

"Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!"

(source: Church of Satan information pack

Fundamentally they seem very similar to me...

Would anyone like to comment?

#62540 - 10/25/04 08:53 PM Re: Satanism v's Imperialism [Re: null]
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Is their any difference between Imperialism and Satanism?

Satanism is a religion, Imperialism is a political/military practice. Seems pretty clear to me.

Yes, there is obviously room within Satanism to interpret Imperialism as Satanic, though it is not a foregone conclusion. Satanism does endorse Machiavellian political theory, but Satanism is about much more than politics, is it not?
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#62541 - 10/25/04 09:04 PM Re: Satanism v's Imperialism [Re: null]
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Absolutely they are different, and reason #1 is that Satanism is a religion, whereas Imperialism, as far as I am aware, is not a religion, it is a political ideology of sorts.

Reason #2 is that Satanists do not proselytize, so what would the purpose be for Satanists to attempt to take over or control a nation? It would be counter-productive for us to even try. We do not foolishly believe that everyone has the potential to recognize themselves as a Satanist, nor would they want to.

The Church of Satan additionally does not officially support any political party or have any political agendas. We are an individualistic religion which does not have any large groupings or mass movements, and therefore would never form a militia, and therefore would have no interest whatsoever in taking over a nation or piece of land by force.

I'm sure if a Satanist had an interest in owning a part of land they would purchase it like anyone else would.

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#62542 - 10/25/04 10:09 PM Re: Satanism v's Imperialism [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Thankyou for your replies, I still do not obviously understand enough about Satanism, thus I have another question:

If it is my "desire" as a Satanist to legally invade countires (by war OR other means) and benefit from their resources, how am I different to an Imperialist?

Also I would have thought that a religion is based on ideology, thus calling the two mutually exclusive is untrue.

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A Satanist can be an Imperialist, or not.

An Imperialist can be a Satanist, or not.

Being a Satanist does not automatically make one an Imperialsit.

Being an Imperialist does not automatically make one a Satanist.

There is no necessary connection between the two.

They are also not necessarily mutually exculsive.

There are Satanists who subscribe to any number of political ideologies for their own reasons.
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#62544 - 10/26/04 05:53 AM Re: Satanism v's Imperialism [Re: Svengali]
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Yep I can understand what you are saying, but I am asking what the 'differences' are, as opposed to the similarities, i.e one can be the other (understandably), but what else does Satanism offer that Imperialism does not?... Just to re-iterate I am not trying to attack your religion - from what I have read of it, it has logical elements that correlate directly with Imperialism. I merely want to understand the further advantages and or disadvantages of Satanism.

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I am locking this thread as you clearly are not understanding what is being written here. Your question has been answered multiple time and answered quite well I might add. You are looking for a "difference" in something that cannot be compared. Satanism and Imperialism are two COMPLETELY different things. Satanism is a Religion, Imperialism is more of a Political Science. Its like comparing Apples and Monster Trucks ... They both exist on earth but have nothing to do with each other ... Again as stated each Satanist has his/her own views and thoughts on Politics and the like, but all in all each Satanist is an individual and none see the need to dominate another culture for political or economic gain.

I would highly suggest you buy a book on Imperialism and the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey and draw your own conclusions.

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