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“Evolution is the cornerstone of human advancement”.

It recently occurred to me, that this idea isn’t actually quite right. While I’m all for the theories of evolution and how we’ve biologically come to the stage we’re at by behavioural adaptation, habitual reformation and ecosystem nurturing, I’m not convinced that we’re doing the right thing by continually “evolving” in an emotional sense. And here’s why…

Dr LaVey himself once stated;

“Self-help books – those that need them, won’t read them or heed them.”

This is absolutely true. They won’t. Self-help books are actually “guides” to happiness, according to someone you’ve never met nor spoken to. What they are completely ignorant of, is that happiness is neither an ambition nor a goal. Happiness is merely a side effect of living life with your desires being fulfilled. And under no circumstances whatsoever, will an author (whom, needless to say, will be well paid for their dubious efforts) know what someone’s desires are. They are independent and internal facets of the unique personalities we were all born with. But this sounds obvious. Funnily enough, it is. So where exactly does the problem lie?

Society, its inhabitants and emotional evolution are to blame. When it comes to sensitivity, Satanists should be top of the pile. It’s often (erroneously I might add) thought that a “sensitive” person is someone who cries a lot, or is easy to upset. “God, why’d you have to be so sensitive?” is a common ruse. But sensitivity is a measure of how susceptible we are to ALL emotional stimulants, not merely limited to upsetting or negative ones. I recall when I first read Magistra Nadramia’s “My Dark Satanic Love”, as it quite literally made me think “wow, what a sensitive woman.” It’s content is so emotionally rounded and heartfelt, it puts so many other more “sensitive” authors to shame. I like to think of sensitivity as a ladder. When you’re young, you only have “excellent” and “terrible” rungs of judgement, but you soon re-categorise to include “Good” and “bad”. If you are open to emotional influences and embrace them, you will soon come up with “indifferent”. Obviously, this process will continue as long as you let it. Each stimulant will be placed on your emotional “ladder”, eventually becoming a rung itself with which you can accurately judge what you’re feeling. Without this process, even a mildly amusing joke would be “hilarious” and would leave you in stitches for no good reason. In short, sensitivity has a number of levels and those with the most wide spread emotional experiences (embraced and internally examined of course) will always be the most sensitive. This assists in judgement obviously, making sure you accurately control what may be good, yet irritating and minimise what is bad, yet not without use.

In this sense, this is how we assess what our most simple desires are and how we can attract these influences into our lives more. If one of our most instinctual desires is sex (which it invariably is), then it only follows that a healthy and fulfilling sex life will help to make one happy. However, the Satanic idea of free sex must be utilised. You must indulge yourself in whatever your natural predisposition toward sex is. If you don’t, frustration and repression will only plague you instead. This is one of the more obvious examples, but there are countless others. So what has this to do with emotional evolution?

Evolution in this sense means the addition of something new. As you grow up, you add into your emotional stockpile as you go, rationalising your feelings and sometimes lamenting them as “immoral” or “evil”. This is of course judged for you by some non-entity that has hardly had an intense emotional experience in their life. Take the Bible for example – it’s a veritable well of “do’s” and “don’ts” based on ridiculous moral conundrums. Yet, people swallow it. They think that in order to fit in, one must become what is “morally” acceptable. While this may be true, they have already given up on any chance they had for genuine happiness. Someone might wind up a powerful executive, with a nice salary and a fast car, under the impression that they are desirable. Desirable they may be, that’s not up for my dispute. My dispute is whose desires are they? If they are the desires of someone else, they won’t be yours. In short, due to evolution of thought and the ideals of the common good, you’ve lost sight of what YOUR desires are. By the time this dawns on you, chances are good it’s already too late.

Satanists should endorse the idea of de-evolution. If the evolved masses are building scaffolding over their instinctual desires so that they can consciously stand at the summit of “mental evolution” then let them. Satanists should be stripping away the pipes of uselessness, getting rid of what has gone before and discarding it in an effort to get back to their most basic nature. Evolution is of course a useful tool emotionally, but once a conclusion is reached all that led up to it should be got rid of. When you start on the property ladder, you might get a single bed-roomed flat. As you move up, you might obtain a semi-detached two-bedroom house. The original dwelling is of no more use, so you cut it loose and forget about it. It should be the same with your emotions – once you reach an emotional plateau you should feel safe enough to let the past fall into obscurity. I would recommend only keeping that which has taught you a valuable lesson, even then once it is taught is it really worth knowing why you know?

The further down we get, the more we can listen to our instinctual desires. If they are shouting from the bottom, we’ll hear them better the further down the scaffolding we are. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the most sensitive people are typically the most happy, independent and self-sufficient. That’s because they are actualising their destinies and following their desires with the best sensitive judgement of how to maximise such things. The only side effect I can see from this process is happiness. Of course, it’ll be stated that this will lead to a more instinctual race, not able to protect itself without the technological advances made. But I don’t see many lionesses crying because a lousy mate decided not to come home that night. Plus, the self-preservation instincts of the lioness seem to be working just fine, thank you very much. The other criticism of course would be that it would make us more animalistic and less human. I think there was a Doctor somewhere who mused that man was simply another animal, but due to influences like “human mental evolution” he’s become the worst on the planet.

Now where did I hear that statement…?
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