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#6662 - 05/12/03 02:19 PM Who is more satanic?

Who would you consider to be more Satanic as codified by Anton LaVey? Man number one is over weight and could not fight his way out of a paper bag, however he was clever enough to amass a great fortune and put him self into a position of influence by owning a televishion network. Or man number two who is strong, well built and is trained in self defense and outdoor survival skills, however he is a middle class worker with no pull or say in society. Both men are self proclamed satanists, sufficiently happy and working t words bettering them selfs.

#6663 - 05/12/03 02:32 PM Re: Who is more satanic?
Sarracenia Offline
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They've adapted to their world.

They're happy.

They're Satanists.

End of story.
"Civilization is the precarious labor and luxury of a minority; the basic masses of mankind hardly change from millennium to millennium." - Will Durant


#6664 - 05/12/03 02:37 PM Re: Who is more satanic? [Re: Sarracenia]
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I agree on Vespertine on that one... We are all different. It's what you do with what you have that determines wether or not you have suceeded living a satanic life..
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#6665 - 05/12/03 02:45 PM Re: Who is more satanic? [Re: EdgeDerakh]

I too feel that they are both very satanic each having his own individual strengths and weakness.

#6666 - 05/12/03 02:53 PM Re: Who is more satanic?

I agree that everyone has thier own strength's and weaknesses. Its your ability to recognize your weaknesses and build on them that makes you strong. The weakling man who couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag has a definite weakness, but a weakness like that is definately not incurable. Again I will say that self realization is everything.
That it is the key to enlightenment.

#6667 - 05/12/03 03:04 PM Re: Who is more satanic?

Guy number one for me

#6668 - 05/12/03 03:36 PM Re: Who is more satanic?

While each man is satanic in his own right, and each has his own strengths and weaknesses, I am thinking that guy number one would be more the ideal satanist, simply because of his intellectual prowress. Afterall, he can change his activity level, but if you are not a very intelligent person, how do you improve that?

#6669 - 05/12/03 03:40 PM Re: Who is more satanic?
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to some, money is important, to others not. wealth can often not be messured in how much cash you have. To me, material goods are not that important, and therefor i`m not so ancious about getting rich either, but off course i want a stable income, to provide my family with a good home with nice surroundings.
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#6670 - 05/12/03 03:51 PM Re: Who is more satanic?

I was thinking that very same thing, that maybe a new weight training program and maybe some kind of self defense course could do the trick for the first man. The second man may not have the intellectual capabilities as the first, but I would think he is more in tune with his feral nature, and he is content with that. Not everyone has the drive or need to be a "bigshot", some people are happy and content with a "moderate" life, anything more would be too much, anything less wouldnt be enough. Either way im in no position to say who is more Satanic, they both are succesful using thier own assets, and best of all they both are happy with life.
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#6671 - 05/12/03 04:07 PM Re: Who is more satanic?

thats like saying who is more Satanic, a man named Damian or a man named Anton?

each to his own. the only one who can know if one is satanic or not is oneself.

#6672 - 05/12/03 04:11 PM Re: Who is more satanic?
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Does it matter?

Everyone answers to themselves, when it's all said and done.

#6673 - 05/12/03 07:27 PM Answer.
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They are both "more Satanic" in their respective contexts.

Life is not a contest.

Life is.

#6674 - 05/12/03 08:19 PM Re: Who is more satanic?
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To be sure, both have gaps in knowledge.

I'd say that it doesn't particularly matter if one is physically fit if one uses and develops one's other assets. So, a lady or a fellow can still be Satanic even if they aren't on their way to be a Ju-Jiutsu champion or the American Gladiator.

I think presentation matters more than form. That is, a Satanist who is build like a brick shithouse can still figure out which clothes flatter them and send out the right messages. Meanwhile, a person might be very handsome, but if they go to a job interview dressed like a hobo or a gang banger, it doesn't particularly matter whether they're good-looking or hideous because they can't carry it.

When it comes to fighting, I first take note of someone's attitude regarding the topic. I think attitude is important, so I turn up my nose at pacifists who whine about violence being "bad" and who self righteously brag about how willing they'd be to sacrifice themselves to make a (stupid, inconsequential) point. THAT is not Satanic. So, I am more interested in whether someone is resourceful and has a self-preservation instinct than I am in whether they can name 50 types of poisonous plants and 10 ways to do a drunken wallaby chop.

That being said, since I was asked, I'll choose Bachelor Number One. He may not be athletic or handsome, but it sounds like he's used the tools he has to get ahead and to gain influence.

That doesn't mean that Numero Dos isn't Satanic. I just don't have a clear enough picture of him. If he's satisfied with his position in life and if he is successful and joyous in his other endeavors outside of jobs or fame, then he, too, is Satanic. Money and fame aren't everything. In fact, having too much money or fame can sometimes be more of a curse than a blessing, depending on what your goals or true desires are.
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#6675 - 05/12/03 08:24 PM Re: Answer. [Re: Nemo]
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Nemo said:
They are both "more Satanic" in their respective contexts.

Life is not a contest.

Life is.

I was thinking the very same thing and Magister Nemo hit it first.

I am at present over weight and live my life applying the teachings of Dr. LaVey in my everyday life. I myself have started to move forward and try to better myself, I have just under gone a major life change by having a "Gastric Bypass known as a Micro Pouch " and weighed in pre surgery 404 pounds (not a proud day at all) and 11 days later I was 360 pounds (still not my goal but not bad)

I will lose possibly 200 pounds with in the year and that is only part of the new me. I am working on applying for "Registered Membership" but there is a reason I am taking time (I am waiting for permission from HP Gilmore and HP Nadramia ) There is a long story behind that but those that need to know know and those that don't need not.

I will be as satanic as I have been but maybe have a different outlook on life and have more ambitions and goals to go after and I shall attain in time.

I guess I have gone a littel off the main topic but it was something in the original post and Magister Nemo's post that caught my attention.

It was a few email corrospondences between myself and Magister Nemo in regards to The Temple of the Vampire months ago that has spawned much of the real me to come out and work harder to attain my goals.

" Where there is a will there is a way , sometimes the will needs a kick start ! "
Hail Satan ! George W. _________________________________________ "There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcised."-Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey

#6676 - 05/12/03 09:07 PM Perspective
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Both of these men have abilities and/or things that a lot of people desire.

The real question is, what do they desire?

Is the fat rich guy dreaming of being a bad ass? Does he look in the mirror and hate himself?

Is he happy?

Is our Rambo sick of struggling financially?

Or is he happy?

You ended your question with:

Both men are self proclamed satanists, sufficiently happy and working t words bettering them selfs. (sic)

That is the answer.
Believe Nothing, Test Everything

"Well done is better than well said"

- Benjamin Franklin

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