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#6707 - 06/28/03 08:12 AM Re: Who is more satanic?

I say that if both are happy in their perspective paths and are both bettering themselfs. then they are both equally satanic.

#6708 - 07/25/03 04:33 PM Re: Who is more satanic?

"Spiritual enlightenment is easier to obtain than a split level rancher, two cars in the garage and a color TV." -Anton LaVey

It's nice to see that both men are bettering themselves, but in the human zoo, those with fortune and influence rule over those who don't. Man number two has developed outdoor survival skills, yet works in a meanial concrete jungle job, so what good are these skills in the enviroment in which he chooses to live?

Since your question is in regards to the teachings of Dr LaVey, you might want to look up the requirements for the priesthood, or read about the history of his church and how it has dealt with people of influence. After all, I don't think Sammy Davis Jr was doing a lot of ass kicking or bear hunting.

As for myself, I think satanism is more about pragmatism than buns of steel. It's great that they are both happy, but it's easier to get what you want by influenceing the herd, than it is to defend yourself from what the herd wants to do with you.

#6709 - 01/24/04 05:05 PM Re: Who is more satanic?
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Surely this is an irrelevant question but, I would say that whichever one is closer to where they want to be, ie more successful, is the most Satanic.

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