but on knowledge of practical subjects beyond Satanism, and even more than that, on the application of such wisdom towards measurable ends.

I find it very interesting here for you mention the concept of knowledge. We all know that knowledge is related to the concept of truth, or it should be like that. How do Satanits get that truth? Which are the means they use? do they use logics, psychology, philosophy, etc? At this stage it seems Satanism conciders those on the LHP as apprentices but what is the profile you expect from a Satanist? I ask this for we all know a Xian may become an outstanding person and even belong to an elite. Thus it's not only about being a free thinker and living the now and here, it's not about making yourself an outstanding person.
Second, you mention the concepts of practical subjects, which are those subjects?


on the application of such wisdom towards measurable ends

it's the classical work of a Magus. To create new realities. Is this the end of Satanism? But, what is there inbetween?

Between the Magus and the Apprentice.

Finally, each institution has a mision, especially those with academic purposes. Could you tell me more about the mission of the CoS.

Thank you

Hail Satan