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hi, ive, been reading on various websites about the COS and its beliefs..i find myself in agreement with a lot of your principals...i did happen to read "The Satanic Bible"about ten yrs ago to see what it was the time it didn,t make an impression on me..but now that i,ve been reading more on the internet,you are getting my question is,i don,t have a spiritual belief in a god as portrayed in a western religion..i think native americans or eastern religions are more "tuned" into things..i believe in the human "animal",as we are.(my opinion).how do i know if the COS is an answer for me??also something that bothers me(as for why???)is that i was baptized catholic, but never went a day in my life to church.(other than a wedding or funeral).is there some way to be un-baptized?i would never had agreed to it if i was old enough to make a decision about it...i don,t know why this bothers me but it just does...thanks

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Don't seek "an answer".

Just ask yourself if what Satanism suggests makes sense to you and appeals to you.

An agnostic is by definition uncommitted to a perspective regarding "God" (or ultimate "truth") so seeking "an answer" is to abandon your stance as an agnostic.

If you find yourself saying, "Satanism fits my views EXCEPT FOR ...." then you might as well move along.

It either fits or it doesn't.

With regard to "baptism", I'm a bit surprised by your question.

If you are uncommitted with regard to the existence of God then what the hell are you worried about with regard to any ceremony dedicated to Him?


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