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#77827 - 02/07/05 12:13 PM Additional Satanism FAQ?
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I've noticed that certain types of questions show up rather frequently in the "General Discssions" and "Questions about the COS" sections, but some of these questions aren't even covered by the usual sources (website, TSB, etc.).

So to save (in theory) time and bandwith for everybody, I'd like to suggest making a second FAQ to put in the "Read and Understand" section. Maybe a lot of the currently thumbtacked posts could move into here too. Or likewise, thumbtack the FAQ to the "General" or "Questions" section. I'd happily write one myself, but since I'm just an active member and not an official COS representative, perhaps it should be compiled by somebody else.

To quote a recent post from Wonka:


I am starting to see a pattern...

Can/Should I befriend/date/marry non-Satanists?
Am I a Satanist if I don't practice Greater Magic?
Will Satanism become the mainstream religion of the nation/world?
Will Satanism form a new government or take over the current one [U.S.]?
Am I a Satanist if I do something illegal [specifically drugs]?
Should a Satanist hunt or eat meat?
Would you sacrifice your life for something?
Does the 11th Satanic Rule of the Earth mean I should murder the dolt?
Etc. Etc.

How many times do these questions need to be asked?

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#77828 - 02/07/05 12:48 PM Re: Additional Satanism FAQ? [Re: Bill_M]
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I will consider this. Thank you

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