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#78472 - 02/10/05 12:01 AM what to do?
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I've been posting here for a while, in case you didn't notice, and have enjoyed your company in general.

I am considering membership, but (as I stated on another thread) don't want to join anything that doesn't give me something to do.

I live in a pretty remote area, and I really doubt there will be "grotto activities" to organize or to attend nearby, though I do have the capacity to arrange or host them.

You seem to have a large number of artists, writers and "creative" types already. That isn't to say that I'm not "creative," but I'm a multifaceted individual. I can give anyone the illusion of great wealth through my business (say if you wanted to appear in public wearing a huge ruby ring), or help justify litigations and write intimidating letters. I also make good cocktails.

It would please me to be an asset to the Church of Satan, so just let me know where the gaps are and I will be ready to fill them.
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#78473 - 02/10/05 12:31 AM Gaps. [Re: fatebender]
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It would please me to be an asset to the Church of Satan, so just let me know where the gaps are and I will be ready to fill them.

What are your dreams?

Realize them.

Do you want more money?

Achieve wealth.

Do you want better relationships?

Find and make them happen.

Do you want to explore the Andes or study history or create new gourmet meals?

Do it.

Satanism is about you not us.

If you are living up to your own potential for happiness and indulgence then you are filling the only "gaps" that exist for the Church of Satan.

This is why your rank in the Church reflects your personal power outside the Church.

"As without, so within."

So to paraphrase JFK, "Ask not what you can do for the Church of Satan. Ask what you can do for yourself."

That is how to fill any "gaps" in the Church - by filling in the "gaps" in your own life.

Membership has its privileges and close networking with Satanists has its advantages.

But all of that is secondary.

If you want to affiliate with the only organized group of Satanists in the world then join us.

Membership is itself an indulgence.
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