Lust Magazine will begin publishing new content at as it is received, rather than in “issue” format. To keep readers abreast of the latest updates, the editors of Lust have created a Yahoo! Group mailing list, located at:

Recent additions to Lust include several new book and film reviews, as well as “Going Blind – The Notorious Myths About Masturbation,” and “The Smoking Fetish,” both written by Witch Shiva Rodriguez.

“The Carnal Sutra” has been updated, as has “The Homosexual Warlock,” wherein Warlock Jack Malebranche explores the “The Legacy of Adolf Brand,” publisher of the first regular homosexual magazine in pre-Nazi Germany and voice of dissent during the inception of the modern “Gay Rights Movement” who despised said movement’s misleading feminization of male homosexuals.

To read the latest, visit Lust’s newly redecorated parlour at :

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