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#80029 - 02/16/05 06:28 PM The state of things
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I’ve been studying Satanism for a long time now. I’ve read all of Dr. LaVey’s books and many on the CoS non-fiction reading list, plus Lucifer Rising by Gavin Baddeley. I just finished The Church of Satan, reading about the early days of the organization when the “carnival of flesh” was in full swing and how it eventually went underground, and became even more misanthropic during the 80s. I have read Peter Gilmore’s state of the church also, but I was wondering from the members what state they think the church is in. Yes, a general question with probably heavily biased answers, but I’m interested.

One day I will join the church, but only when I feel I’ve gained a proper foothold in this world, and I still have college to finish. Till then, Hail Satan!

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I was wondering from the members what state they think the church is in.

A state of strength.

Strong leadership with great acumen, intelligence, sound judgment, and a solid core of worthwhile, capable, and loyal members, agents, and hierarchy.

Almost 40 years and still moving intently through the waters like a nuclear submarine.
Live and Let Die.
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"Satanism is the worship of life, not a hypocritical, whitewashed vision of life, but life as it really is." -- Anton Szandor LaVey
“A membership ticket in this party does not confer genius on the holder.” -- Benito Mussolini

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I'll echo Rev. Svengali's sentiments and add that you seem to have the proper attitude. When you're ready, we will still be around--likely stronger than ever. Great things are brewing, and I only see the individual strengths of the members adding to this over time.

But, yes, concentrate on YOU first. That is, after all, what Satanism's all about.


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