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#85832 - 07/29/06 01:52 PM Re: Fear Of Girls [Re: LadyVera]
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To really kill a thread, try posting things that have nothing to do with the topic of conversation, that will likely get it locked.

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#85833 - 07/30/06 06:04 AM Re: My Charmed Long-staff [Re: LadyVera]
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Well i was leaving but...
Your points are all taken well. And so eloquently spoken.

However, I still maintain I am misunderstood. I am guilty of it being late at night and typing fast, i will admit.

When I wrote 'battle of wits with you' and all that- I misspoke myself. I didn't even mean to challenge him- so obviously I did not choose the right words.

I meant to say that the things i say sometimes are designed to make you think. They challenge your perceptions- or at least, try to. I did not mean 'hey let's battle'. It is unfortunate that my train of thought made we write in that same spot about how that is my job and i battle techs constantly- which I do.

Ultimately, if I challenge LXIII, I lose, don't I? So- perhaps you understand how my ideas and words ran into each other in a very unfortunate way for me- this is evidenced by my intro being locked. But's it's no big deal. My fault- I can live with that.

The link you sent talks about many things- I am none of these. I am not lot lice, i am not a sycophant.

But I am tired.

Your comment about measuring tape is quite amusing. I still maintain that I am speaking from experience. If I were a plumber, and i said I could tell you didn't know anything about plumbing by what you say, I don't think you would have taken offense.

This subject should not be taboo. The Satanic Witch is full of information on how to seduce men. I don't think it's out of bounds to talk about sex with Satanists. Could it be that you are taking offense because you *think i am being macho?

Really- my relationships last because I truly *love women. I do not use them and kick them out. My relationships are with beautiful women that last for years and years. and yes- i have had many- because I know what they like- and is there any other way to say that?

I hardly have any one-night stands at all. I avoid them- i do not want STDs, and other reasons.

Could it be that your perception of my conversation is completed clouded by the first sentence?

I feel that while you are busy thinking about what i said about how much sex i get- I think you fail to notice that i am defending you (not that you need defending) and your gender against people who would not give you credit to even have imagination. I love women. My mother is a woman. I would not debase them. I feel you miss the point of what I was saying.

Can you see what I mean about perspective? (that's a rhetorical question)

I was very suprised more Satanic women did not come out and say 'why would you assume we don't like that', even if you didn't like it.

Trying to convey a bit of wisdom with Q about the ladies- and you all thought I was being overly mean. Truth is, what i would have told him, may have helped him out a lot- *if he wanted to hear it. He may have told me to screw. I wished someone would have told me when i was younger, though- i would have even done better- and been happier. This probably sounds like bragging too- i will stop right here...

My last ditch effort for you all to maybe see I am not such a bad guy after all (as i leave for a very long time). L8

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‡§ףּλĐΣЯ‡ Disclaimer: The views expressed by me may not be the same views expressed by any other member of the planet Earth. Just pretend it says, 'I think' in front of everything I say, and don't try to take anything too seriously.

#85834 - 07/30/06 08:22 AM Greased-up SpiderJ contest [Re: spyderJ]
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Ultimately, if I challenge LXIII, I lose, don't I? So- perhaps you understand how my ideas and words ran into each other in a very unfortunate way for me- this is evidenced by my intro being locked. But's it's no big deal. My fault- I can live with that.

No way. You don't squirm away that easily.

I am not attempting to speak with any authority here. I have none. It just seems like this really should be said, though. You've blown horrendous chunks and it's your own fault. You are not alone in this, but I see you are isolating yourself by making excuses and attempting to talk your way out of difficulties you created and now are insinuating them to be a result of despotism.

I have never known LeviathanXIII to use his moderator status without merit, or to constrict conversations to his personal benefit, as you suggest. On the contrary, I have known him to be consistently and extremely restrained in enforcement, and never seen him ban or lock threads for trivial reasons--although quick to act when the situation demands it. When he takes administrative action, he does so with clear judgement and usually states his reasons. I've also known him to be quite reasonable, when a person is big enough to back off of a misconceived line of argument.

Ironically, I find your part in the course of this thread to have gone quite parallel to "gamer mentality."

Good luck.
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#85835 - 08/01/06 03:05 PM Old - and quite false - news [Re: Svengali]
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First of all, something was apparently lost in the translation: the original story was refering to RD&D (which are the people running around with swords "re-enacting" scenes from LOTR and Forgotten Realms novels).

Secondly, the military as a whole doesn't grant different security clearances to Role-Players (including tabletop D&D players). I know quite a few D&D players with a rather high security clearance.

I can understand the origins for the story, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened to involve quite a few LARPers around here in Israel (who have a seriously large population of jackasses and weirdoes I've ever seen for myself). Yes, there are quite a few of those who fit the description of "detached from reality". But there are also many others who don't and happen to yet serve the Armed Forces in various positions, without their security clearance affected by their hobbies.

Not to mention, there are the tabletop Role-Players (a few guys and girls getting together for a game of creativity, imagination and a quite social activity... not... *pointing at the sword clashers* THAT), quite a different population than most LARPers. I've met several who work as Lawyers, Doctors and serve as Officers in the military.
This story, if anything, is victim to ignorance. And the common view of contemporary Role-Players is quite an obsolete stereotype. I believe long time D&D (and other RPGs) player and fan, Mark Sinclair Vincent (better known by his stage name as Vin Diesel) is evidence to this.

Finally - I don't understand what your opinion of D&D (just D&D or are there any other Role-Playing games included?) stems from, but apparently mine is quite different.
I happen to list Role-Playing games (D&D included) in my hobbies, and I don't think I've ever came off as detached or as an anti-social person, now have I?

Bashing D&D players according to common stereotypes isn't very far from claiming it the "seed of the devil" (apparently, christians don't like RPGs - maybe it's the whole creativity, open-mindedness and imagination parts about RPGs that scare them!)

People! it's just a hobby, for crying out loud...
One I even forgot to mention in my personal interviews in the military.

#85836 - 08/05/06 04:46 PM Baby, You Mean The World Of Warcraft To Me [Re: spyderJ]
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Are you telling us you learned how to make love to a woman from playing Dungeons & Dragons?

I know I'm backtracking, but this story is too appropriate to not post for this.

Baby, You Mean The World Of Warcraft To Me

April 19, 2006 | Issue 42•16

Come on, honey, why do you have to be like that? You know that you're my Elven princess. My one and only. I would dare say that there is no one in all the realm who doesn't know of our love. I have sung your praises from the mouth of the Shadowthread Cave to the Stranglethorn Vale of the Eastern Kingdoms. I've introduced you to my comrades-in-arms in the Ulster guild, and they all accept you as kin.

And now you want to dissolve the greatest love ever to brighten my basement?

When we met, I was looking for a group fit to take the Zul'Gurub instance. But as I stocked up on provisions at the convenience store before my quest, and our eyes locked, I realized that I was not looking for a group, I was looking for love, and I found it in you. You are the sun, the moon, the Cinderhide Armsplints of the Monkey. There is so much we have to offer one another. Unfailing loyalty, a Strength of 250, someone who can go out for snacks in the heat of battle. Can't you see we're made for each other?

Darling, no orc can keep me from you. I would make my way into the heart of Moonglade and fight an army of trolls just to be by your side. I would go up against Varimathras, the ruler of the Undead himself, if he so much as hinted that he was a danger to you. Make no mistake, I would get aggro on anyone who would threaten you.

This is, of course, provided the system is not down due to a faulty patch.

Don't you see that I did it all for you? My love for you exceeds Level 60, higher than anyone thought possible in this fantastic computer universe. My spirit soars when you are near. You restore my mana with a kiss. I even named my epic mount after you. Her name is Helen, and her hair shimmers in the sunlight, and together we ride forward into destiny.

I would climb the highest peak of Mount Hyjal to toil for 100 days and 100 nights in the mines in order to extract the precious ore so that I may fashion you a necklace of the finest thorium. My warrior, Hammuster, devoted his game's life to the professions of mining and smithing just so that I might accomplish that very thing. All you need do is join me in the WoW and hold the necklace up to the virtual sun. Then you may see the efforts I have expended to create this thing of beauty for you. The dishes can wait until tomorrow.

Helen, my mage, when I was ganked by a lowly rogue from Tennessee in the Caverns of Time and stripped of my treasured belongings, I rose from the grave with one purpose in mind. I had to be resurrected, not to seek revenge, but to return to you.

There is no other way to put it: You take my breath bar away.

Why do we need to go out to have fun? Everything we could possibly want is right in WoW. Fine dining, theater, romantic sunsets—they're all there. The outside world just costs money, and I don't have a magic breastplate to protect me from people's stares. Come with me so I can treat you like the princess you are.

Please, baby, if you leave, you will increase by 32 percent the chance of doing direct damage to my heart. Please reconsider.
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