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#87917 - 03/24/05 11:13 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: x9x]
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This time of the year really does suck. No, wait, I take it back....i'm working on Easter this year and I'm getting paid double time! I'm making some good spending money that I can eventually put to use on the day the Christian drones are crying over a ficticious character that supposedly was nailed to a piece of wood 2,000 years ago.

As for "good friday", yea right, like it should be treated differently than any other friday. Well, just another day I get to indulge in a nice little 'feast' of a T-Bone steak, a pork chop, and hot chicken wings.

#87918 - 03/24/05 11:43 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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Happy Jesus on a Stick Day to all of you out there that will celebrate this as a day of indulgence.

Jesus is coming...
Don't worry; we'll nail him up again!
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#87919 - 03/24/05 11:45 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Old_Pig]
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Hey, look, I'm eating your god! Mmmm and it tastes good! Yum, yum!

Hey, I am totally stealing that line.I'm gonna make a thick, bloody steak, and put the pan drippings in a little plastic container. When I eat it at work, I'll say "Oh god...You taste so great!"
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#87920 - 03/25/05 12:09 AM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: fiftythirdspirit]
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And, as a child, for Easter, my Grandmother always bought me an expensive, pretty, flouncy dress and shoes (...just a little Satanist in sheep's clothing).

Thatís what Easter was for me too. But you forgot to mention those pretty Easter bonnets, and little purses, oh and the gloves...
Being the little witch that I was, it was also lots of fun to twirl around and show off my petticoats and ruffle panties.

I used to love the bunnies that were solid chocolate, the hollow ones always seemed generic.

"All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie."

"Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it."

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#87921 - 03/25/05 03:05 AM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Warlock Rikard]
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Happy Jesus on a Stick Day to all of you out there that will celebrate this as a day of indulgence.

Now I am in the mood for a corndog!

Never Say Die!

#87922 - 03/25/05 03:21 AM Just enjoy... [Re: toad]
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I love this time of year.
This is the time of year when christians won't eat meat.

I agree. My restaurant is always booked up fully in advance with people enjoying the delights that quality seafood has to offer. Coupled with the fantastic weather we are having at the moment, this should be an opportunity for people to unplug themselves from the PC and get out a bit.

Have a good weekend, people, and enjoy yourselves in whatever manner you see fit responsibly!


#87923 - 03/25/05 11:04 AM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Old_Pig]
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>>So, just to be against the norm, tomorrow I will buy a
>>nice, greasy, suculent tripple cheeseburger, for my

Sounds delicious. I do love indulging in a greasy cheeseburger now and then. Bon Appetit, Pig.

>>Hey, look, I'm eating your god!

Hay-soos was a cow? Geez, those Xtians really DID steal a lot of ideas from the Hindus, didn't they.

BTW, love your subliminal Folgers signature. Of course, it's lids of Maxwell House jars that have the pentagrams!
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#87924 - 03/25/05 11:38 AM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: x9x]
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Xtian holidays used to get to me. Now I ignore the stupidity of their reason and indulge in food and a day off work!

I experience, therefore I am-God!

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#87925 - 03/25/05 12:07 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Mars]
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I use to do what you do also.

I would also slip in and out of church for the free meal. Just nod my head and smile.

Now I enjoy conversing with them.

But I always avoid those controling moments. When they touch your shoulder and try to rope you in.

Not much stops a realist.
We all are borne with fangs and nipples.

#87926 - 03/25/05 12:08 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: x9x]
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I don't concern myself with the holidays except for the annoying fact that the shops are closed on monday. As for the rest I will eat myself full with chocolate-eggs and enjoy my own special holiday. Maybe I'll watch the telly and look at the people who crucify themselves. It is slowly becoming a fetish of mine.

#87928 - 03/25/05 12:16 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Old_Pig]
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Daniel and I went out for lunch at a steakhouse today, and it was pretty busy! I'm surprised that steakhouses aren't closed on such days (especially in the South), but I'm glad they haven't gone that far...yet at least. We sure did enjoy our nice juicy steaks!
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#87929 - 03/25/05 12:23 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Grima]
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Maybe I'll watch the telly and look at the people who crucify themselves. It is slowly becoming a fetish of mine.

Have at it.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#87930 - 03/25/05 06:26 PM Yes. [Re: ]
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"Allow your enemy to define your territory and you will have no place to stand." - An Old Saying I just made up.

I wish to be clear that I do not consider Christianity to be an "enemy", by the way. I see that religion and its offshoots (especially Islam) more as entertainment and counterpoint to a sane life.

Those of us living in a Western culture (that means you who are reading this on a computer screen!) are living in the historical revisionist aftermath of the largest religion in the world: Christianity.

Christianity absorbed all the religions it encountered and through this process of osmosis and revisionism renamed and reframed everything - people, myths and holidays - in a Christian context.

That does not mean that their view can "take" all of our holidays unless you "surrender" them.

I completely agree with Ravenhael. The Rites of Spring and the Vernal Equinox are ours, unless you surrender anything that anyone prior has attempted to filch in the name of their religion.

Enjoy yourself!


Today, "Good Friday", is now international Mel Gibson Day. (Rake in those millions, Mel!). Sunday is Reverse "Day of the Dead" Day when the king of the zombies rises again to get people to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

("Look! He has risen!"

"And he's coming toward us!"


Now you can surrender this ancient celebration of fertility and new life afer the cold winter to the zombie worshippers or you can whoop it up yourselves!

Our ancestors for thousands of years before "JC" had it right. So can you.

Have a happy indulgent Spring celebration!

Hail Satan!

#87931 - 03/25/05 06:28 PM Re: I like Easter. [Re: ]
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Easter retains enough pagan symbolism to not even register as "Christian", what with the bunnies and eggs and all.
Why let a silly myth ruin what the holiday is really about....fertility....

Hmm...good point. You may have redeemed this day for me.
My wife and I both dislike this day, but a nice fertility ritual should cure us of any negative connotations.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#87932 - 03/25/05 09:59 PM Re: Easter time...yuck [Re: Bill_M]
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I've also taken to calling it "Jesus-Free Day."

This morning my roommate told me she's decided to "start being a Christian". I'm not sure whether she was joking or not, but she went to Mass thisafternoon. I just hope this doesn't put the kybosh on our plans for a Walpurgisnacht party.

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