As announced on the Church of Satan News-Page ( -> News) on February, 4th 2005, I am proud to announce the publication of:

German magazine for Magic and Occult Knowledge

published January 2005

Satan's Dark Philosopher: Oliver Fehn
Calling Dr. Satan: Anton Szandor LaVey
Voodoo-Priest: Papa Nemo

Articles and Essays:
Metagenetics and Genetics & Beyond
For the deeper understanding of Asatru
by Steve McNallen,
with an introduction to Asatru by Stilkam

About Coming forth by Day
A Retrospective on afterlife ideas in ancient Egypt
by Ulrich Goetz

Who is (like) Jahwe?
Why the judeo-christian god appeared as cloud
An examination of Sumerian, Babylonian and Egyptian influences in regard to the development of the image of the Hebrew god
by Martina Döhring

Advocating Black-Art Literature
by Dominik Irtenkauf

plus various book reviews

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German readers can also purchase copies through


This announcement was posted with permission of Magister Ventrue.

~ Suum cuique. ~