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#92253 - 04/11/05 10:14 AM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Drimlybunk]
tovasshi Offline

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I have the money I just don't have the mailing address. Come next september I will have my apartment and a mailing address.

#92254 - 04/11/05 11:21 AM Re: Why not just do it? [Re: Drimlybunk]
RandomStranger Offline
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I have read the responses to your question and there are
a lot of good points, all completely valid. There is also
the other side of the issue that if you have to ask:

Should I join?

maybe your money is best spent elsewhere? For myself, it
was a matter of "giving the Devil his due" and there was
absolutely no question AT ALL. Well, there was one:

"Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Magister Ventrue brought up the part about social
obligation and CoS membership. If you are in a public
position or a high level corporate slide-ruler jockey and
can't keep your mouth closed about personal business, that
is certainly one's own problem.

"If I have to question joining the Church of Satan,
should I really be thinking about joining in the first

Hail Satan!

#92255 - 04/11/05 11:24 AM Church for non-joiners [Re: Drimlybunk]
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I waited 11 years to join the Church of Satan. I didn't feel the need to join. Membership doesn't make one any more or less of a Satanist. However, there came a time when I felt I could contribute to the CoS, which, after over a decade, became something that I wanted to do. Are there benefits to joining? Not if that's your motivation for doing so.
Church of Satan

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#92256 - 04/11/05 11:48 AM Re: Church for non-joiners [Re: Smokey_DeVille]
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However, there came a time when I felt I could contribute to the CoS, which, after over a decade, became something that I wanted to do.

That statement echoes my sentiments exactly and ties in to this excerpt from HP Gilmore's essay The Myth of the “Satanic Community”
and other Virtual Delusions

The person who has a talent for baking and figures out how to make some damn fine chocolate chip cookies, and then shares this secret with friends (enriching their world with delicious cookies), or makes an empire out of selling these to other people, is someone who is using a Satanic principle to further their lives. If this person becomes a world famous cookie magnate, or just the neighborhood’s most revered baker, and THEN lets people know that his philosophy is Satanism, then THAT is a deed which forwards the movement. Our baker will have demonstrated that a Satanist is a person with the capability to do something exemplary. Dressing up weirdly, making shabby websites, and screaming to the world that you are a “Satanist” only impresses utter fools, and does nothing to help our movement.

Want recognition from other Satanists? Deliver the goods. Don’t make hollow promises, pretentious claims, and overblown pontifications. Just do something and do it well. Are you a musician, artist, mathematician, publisher, athlete, scientist, engineer, designer, scholar, architect, writer or craftsperson? Show us what you’ve got. I guarantee that the real Satanists will take notice.

Timing is an essential tool in all matters.


#92257 - 04/11/05 12:52 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Discipline]
Drimlybunk Offline
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I included that sentence (Those of you with more than 200 posts, I'm talking to you!) because I wanted to discourage people that do not plan on ever joining and those who are sadly here to "learn about Satanism" from responding. Putting a number of posts was the best way I could think of getting the message across that I was speaking to those people. I understand your point, but my methods seems to have worked.

#92258 - 04/11/05 03:23 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Drimlybunk]
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For me, it took finding LttD to join CoS. I wanted to have at least, a mild understanding of CoS members. I wouldn’t want to be associated with a group of people that I could not or wouldn’t respect. After finding LttD I quickly joined. I have through out my time on LttD been continually impressed, with the post from members. Now, once I have access to the members only forum, and I learn even more. I will decide on if I wish to become an active member

#92259 - 04/13/05 06:51 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Drimlybunk]
Asmedious Offline

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My reasons:

If given a choice, I prefer not to be affiliated with any organization. It's a personal preference, not to have to abide by ANY rules that someone else makes. This doesn't mean that I find the rules of the C.O.S porblematic , but there are just too many rules that I am forced to obey in todays society, therefore I rather not give my consideration to anymore then I already have to.

Second, the COS requires a copy of ones drivers license and more personal information then I wish to give out.

Third, though many members state that they have received many benefits from membership, I personally don't know of any that would be beneficial to me.

Fourth, Yes, I have benefited from Dr. Lavey's books (especially the Satanic Bible) but I don't hang on every sentence and idea that he expressed in it, like many Satanists seem to. Some will argue, that since I gained benefits from reading the S. B., I should show my respect, and or gratitude by paying for membership. In answer to that, I have bought several copies of the S. B since it usually ends up missing, so there is a financial contribution right there.

Fifth, In my view, there are too many self proclaimed Satanists, whom I find to be nothing more then "Black Sheep" following a different herd, but a herd just the same, and don't wish to be in association with them. (Yes, I'm sure there are many who feel negatively about me. I'm ok with that)

#92260 - 04/13/05 07:07 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Asmedious]
Nyarlathotep Offline
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Second, the COS requires a copy of ones drivers license and more personal information then I wish to give out.

No they don't. I didn't have to copy my driver's license for my Registered Membership, and they don't ask for that in the Active Application.

The Active Application only asks for a recent photograph. That's it.
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#92261 - 04/13/05 07:28 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Nyarlathotep]
Asmedious Offline

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I stand corrected. My appologies, it has been several years since I have seen the application.

#92262 - 04/13/05 07:57 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Nyarlathotep]
IronCrafter Offline

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Hmm...I've never been a "herd beast" by any stretch of the imagination. And I tend to exit venues that insist on comformity very quickly.

Dr LaVey's works have provided a rough framework for me to fill in and adapt. I can't see following them dogmatically,any more than I can any other book. The only real benefit I can see to joining is to connect to a group of creative people that have something to offer to feed my personal god. And maybe give back a bit in return..... As far as Grottos,ritual groups etc.....I think you are going to have political problems any time you get two or more folks together. And I really don't need a "group" to "empower" my ritual.

Dr laVey actually disbanded the Grotto system at one time, due to people getting too full of themselves. I think that's a good historical lesson to look back on. And why it's a good idea to discourage people who are ONLY looking to join to belong to a "group" and get some sort of outside validation.

The ONLY GOOD reason I can see to belong is to find a few friends who I can relate to-I'm as self sufficient as any guy-but I still hate to feel I'm all alone here. But so far, I have found people unafraid to express every side of themselves in this place. How refreshing.

I think it's a microcosm that could increase my pleasure.

What better reason DO I really need?

HS! Crafter
"Life is an objective-achieve it." "Be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr Suess My home page featuring my work can be found here. HS! Crafter

#92263 - 04/14/05 11:19 AM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Drimlybunk]
Ortrud Offline
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Well, I don't have 200 posts, but the reason I am not a Member of the Church of Satan yet is that, like you, I have not read all of Dr. Anton LaVey's books yet, so it would feel all icky. But my reading is nearly complete, so, I hope to become a member soon.

As for your being only 18, I wouldn't let that stand in your way. Sure, there's always a chance you may find Jesus, or promise to drop out in order to bed that sexy Sunday School teacher, But if you agree with the fundamentals of Satanism, it will probably stay that way for the rest of your life.

I have a slight club-joining phobia that started in High School, and I never like to be part of a group, but now that I'm a big girl, I plan to overcome that, since I trust that the Church of Satan discourages the "herd mentality".

So, Dude, let's finish those books and go for it!

Hail Satan!

#92264 - 04/14/05 12:34 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Drimlybunk]
AngelusInfernus Offline

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Even though I have recognized myself as a Satanist for 6 years now, I held off on joining the CoS for a variety of reasons, prime among them being that I felt that I didn't personally have anything to offer the organization. Recently, however, I've come to feel that I -can- give back to the organization and philosophy that has so influenced my life, and will be joining soon. I think that many of the people on the site (just my opinion....far be it for me to presume to know another's mind) will give myriad different reasons for why they did or did not apply for membership. The decision is personal and like, liek the practice of Satanism, differs slightly from person to person.
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#92265 - 04/14/05 08:14 PM Re: Why not join the Church of Satan? [Re: Ortrud]
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I am sure I have never been or ever will be a Christian. And up until recently I was sure that I would never affiliate myself with any religion. However, the Church of Satan is one big exception to the "rule." I've learned a lot from the responses to this post and I thank everyone for taking the time.

Now, for me, it becomes a matter of time. I will certainly wait until I am out of my father's house to join and I think it best to let the idea settle in my head. If I still have no qualms about joining in the fall I will send in my check and the proper papers at my earliest convenience.
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#92266 - 04/15/05 03:00 PM Join the Church of Satan? Love to! [Re: Drimlybunk]
Bodak Offline

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I have a problem: Want to join the CoS. Probably can't. Why? My dad was banned from this forum a while back (just turned 18 last week. Me, not him!) and i am effectively 'Junior, i.e Dad's first name same as mine and both live at the same address.

What ever happened to the sins of the father not being passed to the son?

#92267 - 04/15/05 04:24 PM Re: Join the Church of Satan? Love to! [Re: Bodak]
LKRice Offline

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Just because your dad was banned from an online forum for whatever reason shouldn't prevent you from joining the CoS. Even if he was a CoS member that was expelled from the organization, it shouldn't prevent you from joining. You are not your father. (Note: I'm not an Official of the Church, so sins of the father could quite possibly play a factor, though I doubt it.)

However, failing to post your required introduction within the allotted time, could (and probably will) lead to your own banning from LttD. So could engaging in the same activity/stupidity your dad did. And so could you allowing your father to use your account to access the board.
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