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#97814 - 05/04/05 04:42 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Hardy har har.

"Gentlemen, the verdict is guilty, on all ten counts of first-degree stupidity. The penalty phase will now begin."--Divine, "Pink Flamingos."

"The strong rule the weak, and the cunning rule over all." HS!

#97815 - 05/04/05 09:34 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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Stop giving her money. If she is just in it for the money, she'll be stealing yours soon. Since you don't have much money to begin with, I wouldn't think that this would be the case.

Don't just blame her. You have been enabling her to take money from you. You feel guilty, so you spend money on her. Try giving a hug or some thing, hahaha. Besides walking is good exercise. If she truly is down and out, she is not going to stop you from spending money on her. Know matter how much you explain your situation.

If your starting to feel like she is a whore. Unless you have some kind of fetish for it, a long term relationship with this women will be impossible unless some changes are made.

You sound young, and you don't sound head over heels for this women. Take it easy, you need to find out what you like in a person. If it isn't working for you, don't fret. I am sure that this will not be the first time she has tried a relationship that did not work. Talk to her, if she gets mad, she gets mad. (don't tell her the whore part, hehe) Like I said, this is probably not long term for you, use it as experience.

#97816 - 05/04/05 10:45 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: VKat]
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You have been enabling her to take money from you.

Along the same lines,
She won't do anything to fix her financial problems unless she can no longer use you as a crutch. She'll probably be pissed off at first but if she's worth it she won't be going far.
'We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's obscene!' -- Col. Kurtz (Apocalypse Now)

#97817 - 05/05/05 12:50 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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it seems rather simple to distinguish beween those who serve no useful purpose -unless of course it comes to issues of intimacy.

I will disagree with you here and ask you:

Why would you trust your intimate thoughts, feelings and
desires to a person who can't keep track of bus fare?

This woman friend of yours cannot be trusted to bring you
change from a fiver. Are you really willing to trust her with
something worth infinitely more?


I could break it off with her, but something keeps me there...

What are you telling us about yourself when you are willing to
lavish your affections on an ingrate?

#97818 - 05/05/05 01:36 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
Hydroksyde Offline

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put it this way: does she give good head?

alternatively, what i mean is, does she satisfy your needs (sexual, emotional, or otherwise) in a way that the money spent on her is worth it, or could you go without or get it from elsewhere?
The government is not interested in your hair.

#97819 - 05/05/05 07:02 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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In the long run this isn't even about being a vampire,that's a totally different animal than what you describe here. It's about being competent in life in general.

What you seem to have is a bed buddy-not a partner. And yet,even at this shallow of a level of comittment, you allow her to use you-or so you say. Then describe her as a whore. Well my friend, whores need johns to survive. I would suggest you stop looking at this relationship through rose colored glasses,and stop making excuses for YOURSELF.

Because, slicing down to the bones of this issue, you DO seem to feel guilty over using her somehow-or you would not be giving her money.

From my perspective,someone who had value to me and was in financial difficulty-I would give productive work to do, to help her better herself. (and I can,I always have work needing to be done,and I have the resources to pay.) Then watch how well she performed in doing that. If I saw her to be a gutless slacker,THEN I would write her off as useless for more than a F**k toy.

In the end,you get what you put up with.
"Life is an objective-achieve it." "Be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr Suess My home page featuring my work can be found here. HS! Crafter

#97820 - 05/05/05 07:22 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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To the beginning, I need to say, that I have not read all the answers before me, so I'm gonna say just my opinion to your first posting (@speculum).
If you don't feel comfortable with this situation you should tell it to her, even when you hurt her. But, in my opinion, its always better to be honest than to play the understanding, thoughtful person. Anyway, it is your decision. If she's worth it for you, so help her. But if you see, you're dissipating your energy on her, leave her alone. Its just so simple, for me.


#97821 - 05/05/05 08:44 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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Does she ever do anything for you or does it just come from one 'side', namely you?
If she really hasn't got any money to spare and you are on a tight budget as well, why spent all the change for the bus fare?
I don't know the entire situation but reading your story I would leave her. No matter what these people promise you they won't change, ever.
You ask nothing of her but do that and see how she reacts, you'll find out the kind of person she really is.

#97822 - 05/05/05 03:32 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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I can totally respect your asking this question? If you do choose to give to her, do it for self serving reasons, because it makes you happy to help someone you love. This way you can never be "vamped" if you are the one is the commander's seat by making the choice to be kind.
"Never complain about anything that you do not want to be subjected to" So help her out and be happy or stop.

If at any time you feel that she is taking advantage of your good nature, just cut her at the knees by saying "NO! I will not help you at this time." The best way to deal with a Psychic Vamp is to as Nancy Reagan put it ... "Just say NO!" This makes go back to !
Another thought to ponder is never offer your assistance or help to anyone who over time has proven themselves to be a consistent failure!
I hope this helps,
Infernally Yours
"By the Pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes."

#97823 - 05/05/05 03:46 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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speculum. I think just the fact that you are bothered enough by this woman's actions to post it, tells me that you instinctively know what you should do.

I have been on some VERY hard times before and I still never sponged off some guy. In fact, hard times made me more withdrawn to myself to work my way out and get back on track with life. When all else failed, Greater Magic always came through. Then, feeling good about myself (and having my own money is a part of that), I start dating again. It's a prideful, dogged-determination, ego thing with me, I guess.

Why... I would be horrified if a man thought I was using him for anything but sex.

#97824 - 05/05/05 04:43 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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Yet, another thread about the dreaded Psychic Vampire.

"The only way to determine if you are being vamporized is to weigh what you give the person compared to what they give you." TSB pg.78
"All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie."

"Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it."

Church of Satan

#97825 - 05/05/05 06:29 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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She's 30 & acting like that?!? BAIL OUT NOW!!! She's playing you like a fiddle! Run away! Run FAR away!
Love completely those who deserve your love, & hate just as completely those who deserve your hatred! Hail Satan! Mike Hargis

#97826 - 05/05/05 06:32 PM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: andychrist]
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He fell into her mantrap! I think we've ALL fallen into at least one in our lifetime! That's why we guys have to help eachother out once in a while.
Love completely those who deserve your love, & hate just as completely those who deserve your hatred! Hail Satan! Mike Hargis

#97827 - 05/06/05 07:21 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: fiftythirdspirit]
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Wow... all I have to say really is "get rid of the sponge." Although she may be good in bed or what not, she sticks around for you to feed her her needs of cash . This is a sucking draining vampire indeed.Although ,you do keep on feeding her! Personally I think she should find herself a job or a new one that can support her. If you have to scrap for a bus, then you need to figure something out.
I personally don't like people who are needy or greedy. Get yourself a women that can hold her own..a LEADER!
To be known is to be heard.

#97828 - 05/06/05 08:38 AM Re: Another Psychic Vampire query [Re: speculum]
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It sounds to me like you've found yourself a woman that is very talented in the ways and wiles of Lesser Magic. Have you read "The Satanic Witch"? If not, do so now. Whether you continue to be under her spell or wake up and smell the coffee will be entirely up to you.

The very best of luck to you.



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