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#98550 - 05/08/05 11:19 AM On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much.
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Every now and then, someone asks me how I am able to enjoy life as much as I do. Those who know me quite well, who know that my life isn't any less challenging than theirs, just don't understand how or why I would much rather work my ass off than sit around. I truly cherish challenges, and I value the responsibility of being in control of my own life.

So how do I respond to questions about that? I like to tell people that it is very easy for me to enjoy everything in life, and the reason for that is because I WANT to enjoy everything in life. Whether or not I enjoy something is ultimately up to me, because my life is what I make of it. Also, I choose to desire challenging endeavors. What kind of life is a life without working your ass off and actually enjoying it?

Do any of you ever get asked that kind of question? If so, what kinds of responces do you like to give them? If not, then what would you say if they did ask?
"Never forget that you are a woman, and the greatest powers you can employ as a witch are totally dependent upon your own self-realization that in being a woman you are different from a man and that very difference must be exploited!"
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#98551 - 05/08/05 11:46 AM Re: On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much. [Re: Barb]
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I work hard constantly,it's part of being self employed.

Leisure comes at a price, and good things have to be earned.

I'd just put it this way. Slacking off never got anyone anywhere. And leave it at that.
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#98552 - 05/08/05 01:37 PM Re: On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much. [Re: IronCrafter]
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I agree 100%. You get out of life what you put into it. Some days you get the feeling you are living in a lunatic asylum with a mulit-billion population, and that if you take it seriously to the core that you'll never climb out of the hole. I get around it by being focused, dedicated, and creative in my endeaveours.

One life, welcome to it.
One life, don't abuse it.

#98553 - 05/08/05 08:07 PM Re: On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much. [Re: Barb]
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HAHA... I am rarely ever asked anything of this nature. Apparently my scowl, or lack of smiles does wonders to keep people from asking me anything.

Generally I am often too serious an individual unless I am laughing at someones weakness exploited and stupidity accomplished.

Depending on the circumstance, I like to answer the rare question of 'why do you never smile ?' with stupid answers like 'cause my mother tried to birth strangle me and now the facial muscles are damaged' haha

People that go around asking these silly questions as 'why are you like you are ?' ... do they really care ? I know I do not. I would rather avoid these individuals completely.

#98554 - 05/08/05 09:39 PM Re: On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much. [Re: Barb]
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I am with Blacklodgearts on this one. No one ever asks me questions about what I am, why do I do this or that, what's my religion, or any other annoying question. I have responded in other forums on this board in the same way --people seldom question me, hand me pamphlets, try to get me to sign something, etc.

If I were asked "How can I enjoy life so much?" I would say "What makes you think I do?" or the old standby, "Why do you ask?" I am always amazed and amused at the answers people give to their own questions.

#98555 - 05/09/05 01:58 PM Re: On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much. [Re: DNA]
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I'm offten asked this type of question by the customers where I work.Why do you work here?do you really enjoy it?I just give them the answer they are looking for.I find it's so much eazer that way.Just tell people what they want to hear and go on.Only you know the real reasons because your the only person that you have to be true to.I'm self-employeed and I won't make any money if I don't work hard,plus I love what I do.I get satisfaction out of like nothing else.Plus with what they are giving me I can retire by the time i'm 30 and have everything that i want for the rest of my life due to thier stupidity while they slave until 60 or 70 and end up with nothing.
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#98556 - 05/10/05 03:06 AM Re: On when people ask me how I can enjoy life so much. [Re: Barb]
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I'm often asked how I can be so happy all the time. I'm obviously not happy 24-7, but compared to many others, I do seem to have a cheery out look on life!
My answers? Usually I just smile and tell them it's a secret!
My reasons? I find that when ever something happens, there are two ways of dealling with it. Emotionally or logically. For example, the other week, some low life reversed into my motorcycle and knocked it over, then drove off! My friends were surprised that I didn't blow my top and start ranting and raving! Why? What would that achieve? Nothing apart from making myself angry and stressed! To resolve the problem, you approach it logically. Sort out insurance claim, get bike fixed, then channel the anger through a small ritual! Job done, move on!

Also, when I've been asked why I'm so chipper, I just point out a small flower or weed growing out of the pavement, and say if you just stop for a moment and look at the wonders that surround us, how can you fail to be happy to be here? This planet is a beautiful, stunning place to live!

Enjoying life is simple, just get a grip of it and, well, enjoy it! It's the only one we get, and I for one would rather spend it enjoying it, that worring about it!


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