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#98894 - 05/09/05 11:57 AM Am I satanist?
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suddently, I come to this question. Not becouse I would not feel myself to be satanist, but more becouse many people here looks like thinking:
-If you don't hail satan and perform rituals, you can't be satanist. If this is not your religion, you can't be satanist...(well, nobody actually have said that, I just little exaggerate to make my point clear)

So am I satanist? I sold my soul satan when I was under 12, to satan what was close to LaVeys Satan. I only have tryed lesser magic, and have never intrested to "worship" any other god, than ones I create(Depending my mood, I create god, to fulfill my needs at that moment). Also I don't obey any laws which I don't agree whit(in my moral way, I could kill human, but will not do it, becouse system punish that kind act, and I have not had any reason to do it), when I accidentally found page which contained 11 rules, I saw that I agree whit all of those(destroy felt actually little harsh, so few of those I see as more like symbolic way). There was many other things that I totally agree whit, but when it come to religion, I couldn't see my self performing any kind ritual(any ritual is too important that I could just go and look what it is like, atleast so I think). So I'm more like satanist whitout religion(some kind semi-satanist), like agnostic, but whit writed philosophy. Becouse my thoughs as similitaries whit you, and I agree whit many things what LaVey wroted in TSB, I though that I'm satanist...
so the climax:
Am I satanist even if I don't ever perform any rituals? I just live praising greatest of all gods(myself) and life and this world and this world physical rules. I live much like TSB suggest humans to live.
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Am I a Satanist?

Hail Satan!

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