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#99604 - 05/12/05 02:35 PM A religion or a philosophy?
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Do you have the time to answer a few questions?

1. What's the difference between a religion and a philosophy to you?

2. Do you see the works of LaVey as philosophical or religous?

3. How can you claim the way of LaVey is the right Satanic way over the ways of OnA, for instance?

4. How can you find a de-facto Satanist?

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#99605 - 05/12/05 05:10 PM Re: A religion or a philosophy? [Re: time_out]
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1. A philosophy does not include dogma or ritual, a religion does. Satanism contains these things, and is therefore a religion.

2. See answer #1. Clearly religious.

3. Because Anton Szandor LaVey codified and in fact invented modern Satanism.

4. A defacto Satanist is a person who displays admirable Satanic characteristics but did not or does not take the name Satanist. A defacto Satanist is not something declared by Church decree, and should not be interpreted as an analog to canonization.
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