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#99895 - 05/13/05 12:27 PM Mailbox full
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I would suggest an automatic email notification to people who have 100 PM in their mailbox. It happened quiet a few times that I tried to contact somebody and received the notification that it is not possible to send any PMs to this person. The people in question don't seem to be notified about that.
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#99896 - 05/13/05 12:38 PM Re: Mailbox full [Re: ChrisRedstar]
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As with everything, I will announce when I have something in place.

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#99897 - 05/13/05 10:43 PM Re: Mailbox full [Re: Magister Frost]
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Well, it's not that hard for people to look.

Should anyone really need a sign saying "Mind The Stairs."

It is already stated that the maximum hold is 100. And there is even a percentage counter which already tells you when it is full.

It annoys me when I try to send a message and this happens, but it is their own look out. It upsets me but I rise above it.

It's not hard to look and just delete a few.

But if you are going to put this into action, Magister Ventrue, may I suggest a great big, bright green flashing star which fills the whole screen with the message "YOUR PM BOX IS FULL."

Perhaps a deafening klaxon could sound aswell. Something akin to either an air raid siren or a fire engine.

Then they might notice.
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