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#484728 - 01/04/13 02:42 PM just wannna say hello.

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Hi, my name is Tasha and I have been into the principles of Satanism since I was fairly young but it took the harsh reality of adulhood to make me understand that satanism was more than something I agreed with, it was something I needed in my life. By apllying the principles La Vey has taught me, I have quit my compusive drinking, stopped living in fear of judgement by others, and stopped allowing others to dictate how I feel about myself. I am finally free, my marriage is better, I am happier and as soon as I have the funds I will attempt to join as an active member, I have several friends that are well known in the CoS and are spokespeople for the organisation, it was them, who sealed the deal, and ultimately saved my life. I just want to say THANK YOU AND HAIL SATAN!!!

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Breaking free of the judgment of others as well as judging yourself (while still ruthlessly judging your own actions!) is exactly what is meant by choosing yourself as your own God.

As you probably know when we use the word "God" in this context we are not referring to any supernatural entity but strictly to the most important person in your life.

We think that person should be you!

Congratulations on your successes and insights!

Welcome to the board.

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Welcome to the forums, Tasha! Good to see you here!
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Somehow your introduction gave me a feeling that you have learned something very important by using the Satanism to vaster your understanding and experience about reality. Good for you Tasha.

Welcome to the board!
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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. It's so funny to me that people are so threatened by satanism and imagine those involved to be dark, brooding, antisocial people, when in reality, all the satanists I know are among the happiest, kindest and understanding people I have ever come to know. I gpt the Szandora Baphomet pendant just so people would start tocompliment me and then recoil. It amuses me. plus I really dig pink glittery shit.

I sent the satanic witch to a friend who is doing some soul searching last night. with any luck, you'll get to meet her as well.
I am very excited to talk to people who aren't of a herd mentality but can still funcion as a group. It is a truly rare thing and I am honored to be apart of it.


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