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Poster Magister Frost Offline
Posted 07/27/08 12:47 PM
Here is an example of a photo
Dimensions 600x974
Size 179.64 KB

#349940 - 09/03/08 12:53 AM Re: Example Photo [Re: Magister Frost]
Clayton Offline

Registered: 09/02/08
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how compelling

#360055 - 11/12/08 06:43 PM Re: Example Photo [Re: Clayton]
Ashtar Offline

Registered: 02/25/08
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Loc: Ontario, Canada
I want to purchase one of those panties so that a girl will put it on and then I might remove it.

#360543 - 11/16/08 09:30 AM Re: Example Photo [Re: Ashtar]
ArtAche86 Offline

Registered: 10/23/08
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Loc: Cthulhu's Bowels,Kentucky
okay, is that sigil that shes standing behind the actual size of the one you can order from CoS Emporium? If so that is amazing!
You stay classy,Satans!

#360564 - 11/16/08 11:52 AM Re: Example Photo [Re: ArtAche86]
Magister Frost Offline

CoS Magister

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The one she is standing in front of is the 18" model and the photo of her standing next to one is the 36" model.

From Hell,

Magister Frost

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- The Church of Satan Emporium

#368922 - 01/17/09 05:10 PM Re: Example Photo [Re: Magister Frost]
DarkDesire Offline

Registered: 01/13/09
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I own a pair of those and I must say they are quite nice.

#421545 - 05/18/10 10:05 AM Re: Example Photo [Re: DarkDesire]
Ashtar Offline

Registered: 02/25/08
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Loc: Ontario, Canada
This looks awesome, made my day.

#480995 - 09/23/12 09:26 PM Re: Example Photo [Re: Magister Frost]
Cain Smith Offline

Registered: 09/12/12
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That girl is too sexy grin
Probably, well, let me imagine her without that pink piece of fabric coopdevil
He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom.
-The Book Of Satan 2:7-

#481403 - 10/06/12 08:30 AM Re: Example Photo [Re: Magister Frost]
Sabastian Offline

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(Rude and pointless comment removed by Moderator)

Edited by Quaark (10/06/12 08:58 AM)

#481404 - 10/06/12 08:42 AM Re: Example Photo [Re: Sabastian]
Quaark Offline

CoS Reverend

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You have made just three posts so far.

The first two were posted in the completely wrong forum, and had to be moved to the right forum, and were both complaints. In both cases, simply by bothering to read up a bit on both subjects would have made your posts unnecessary.

In the first case, you complained that after only 17 days, you had not received your order from the CoS Emporium. A bit of reading would have have shown that frequently the store has to special order items, and that in every case, all orders are shipped when the item is available.

Strike one.

Your second post was a complaint about the (broken) avatar function. A simple review of posts in the appropriate section would have brought up this exact issue, and the fact that everyone knows about it, and what to do about it. It will be fixed when it is fixed.

Strike two, bad first impression turning into a pattern.

Your third post here - well, it's just meaningless trolling. We don't put up with that shit here.

Strike three.

I'm a Moderator with the power to ban you, temporarily, or permanently, or let you stay, as I see fit.

So far, you are hardly proving to be an asset to this board.

The content and tone of your fourth post will determine my choice.


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