Dear LttD members,

I am now ready to begin production of the ritual chalices.

These will not be limited in number as the flasks were but I really like the idea of keeping them unique - for this reason I am offering anyone who wants them the opportunity to have their own inscription of their own choosing. It can be a phrase from The Satanic Bible or elsewhere, or one of your own (maximum 54 characters including spaces though shorter phrases look nicer actually, because this allows me to add a decorative bracelet pattern around the cup).

However, once a phrase has gone I will not repeat it. I think this makes for a personalised and empowered chalice for us all.

They will soon be available through Magister Ventrue's forum. They are engraved by my own hand so once your order and payment has been made you will need to wait for me to make it, since each one is individual. I will endeavour to not take too long but if orders are brisk I am afraid it will be a case of you having to be patient.

I am sure you will agree such a personalised ritual item is worth the wait though.

If you have any questions you may PM me.

My thanks to Warlock Daark for this photo. They are extremely difficult to photograph and both Magister Ventrue and I needed his professional touch.

288460-Chalice.JPG (1375 downloads)

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