I like your idea. Considering so many of you are spread throughout the globe under similar circumstances this may prove to be a valuable asset to the military Satanist. You all share a certain dynamic that many will never experience in their civilian lifetime and I think this will even further enrich the board. Your perspectives are often unique, realistic and refreshing. Certainly this would be of interest to me. Especially now since we are at war.
Lex Talionis!

“The world, like a wolf pack is not all the licking of pups and howls by the moonlight. Sometimes there just needs to be a gnashing of teeth and a ripping of flesh to put things back into the natural order of things.”


"Magic is a tool and is essentially useless unless it can serve you here and now! Anything else is simply an act in faith and an excuse for failure in the here and now." XLVI A.S. R. Lang

"Chaos is a creation of mankind and does not exist within the uncompromising fascism of natures laws! Everything has order." XLVI A.S R. Lang

"To believe in Chaos one must believe that their is some kind of God who all of a sudden put everything into order! That!, I cannot relate too..."
R. Lang XLVI A.S.