A splendid idea. Now the Air Force has the mandatory 1 1/2 mile run, push-ups and sit-ups as of 1 Jan 04. I can tell just by looking that most of the AF is going to fail this one (hospital personnel especially). While I have always been one to spend time at the gym, the incentive to stay fit is there even more so now that it is mandatory, as this can effect promotion testing, re-enlistment eligibility and one's career overall. General Jumper is keen on making the Air Force similar to the "Army of One" concept and is willing to great lengths to make this happen. I just read on the Air Force Times website (www.airforcetimes.com) he is looking to reduce the force by 16,000 personnel and am willing to bet he will use this to filter out the "waste" as well. It's good to be a 4-star general!

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