Perhaps humans will one day mate with these so called "extra-terrestrials" who supposedly possess such a higher intelligence level than we do. If such a mating were possible (doubtful) the offspring could share traits with both species (even more doubtful). Of course, before attempting to have sex with one of these "extra-terrestrials," you would first have to find one that actually existed (extremely doubtful). Even if all this were somehow possible, you would then have to attempt to be sexually attracted to such a creature or use artificial means to complete the process.

If any of this were to ever really happen, I would suggest the making of an instrumental rock album entitled "Fucking the Alien."

PS. Anyone who took this seriously should seek professional help immediately.

I'm more concerned with my own EVILution (as Assabrah stated) than with others' evolution. If anything, I think people are gettin' stupider.
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