We will never stop evolving, unless we become firns, they never change. We are on average a lot taller than humans were a hundred years ago.

We are evolving for the worst. A genetics prof once ask: "Why do we have so many genetic diseases, and why do so many people have them now compared to a hundred years ago?"
She was expecting people to say the enviroment, more radiation, more poisons in the enviroment. Which of course people said. But the real answer is that these diseases always existed. Modern technology just allowed sick people to survive and breed. Someone with severe neurofibromanetosis would usually die from the tumours rapped around vital organs. Today we have micro surgery and specialists who know how to properly debulk masses of tumour and repairing all the little nerves, veins and muscle. Thus allowing them to survive and pass on their genes creating more sick people with this expensive illness.

A lot of people with good genes, do not want to breed because children are too much of a burden in today's society or they don't want to ruin their nice stumach. People who look good, don't like to stop getting attention for their good looks and having a baby is a lot of cases ruin's their good looks. So their is a lot of lost good genes there.
Also a lot of good looking people leave Christianity because of all the positive sexual attention. A lot of ugly, low self esteemed, or genetically inferior people turn to religion to to feel accepted. Of course these people turn to a religion where its best to be fruitful and multiply...

In conclusion, where genetics and evolution are concerned, we're fucked.

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