>>Neanderthals would be able to tell you, if we didn't kill them all with our better made weapons and tactics.

Did the Neanderthals die off because of Homo sapiens’ use of weapons and tactics, or because of higher competition for food sources and their own lack of action?

Brut strength does gain results and so does intelligence. However, ruthlessness does not begets intelligence.

An intelligence man is equipped individually with a better ability to survive but that does not guaranty that his offspring will inherit that trait. Stupid people could produce smart kids, while intelligent people can produce dumb kids. Sure there is a chance that those with intelligence can produce an intelligent child, but genetics is strange in what it constructs during birth.

>>otherwise it would have just been a side affect of other adaptations,

Would it? Being stupid does not mean you would have been a flaw if you are able to reproduce. Hell, being stupid you could easily have the dormant genes to produce a genius.

Does that mean you should sympathize with idiots. No, but at least realize that intelligence does not beget intelligence when dealing with physical reproduction. If such a thing was true then by now Homo sapiens would all be geniuses because there have been many geniuses who have coupled with other geniuses. The fact is, humans are far from that.

If we were to talk in terms of using genetic engineering to create intelligence and strength, then I would see no argument. Instead of relying on random combination of chemicals in the womb, we could depend on a structured and controled technology.
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