Welcome to the Devil's Review, a review section for products and services that interest us Satanists. You, as a board member (of any level) have the ability to review products and service that you have purchased and enjoyed. The other users here can read your review and make comments on it. This area is a bit like a "think-tank" for discussions on the products and services that benefit us.

This forum is moderated, which means all posts will need to be approved before they are shown on the board. The reason for this is to make sure that people are not shame-lessly promoting thier own products and to make sure that there is no promotion of things from known "anti-CoS" stores and sites. Other than that, this forum is open to anyone who would like to review a product or service that they enjoyed and want to share with the rest of us.

Your review should contain the name of the product, where it was purchased from, and a semi-lengthy review of the product/service.

If you have any questions or doubts about what should go here, ask me first, I am always willing to lend a hand.


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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