Excerpt from the Ninth Key:
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"A mighty guard of fire with two-edged swords flaming (which contain the vials of delusion, whose wings are of worm-wood and the marrow of salt)[...]"

My question pertains mainly to the "substances" which Dr. LaVey refers to during the introduction of and in the text of this Key.

He points that this Key is warning against:
"the use of substances, devices or pharmaceuticals which might lead to the delusion and subsequent enslavement of the master".

I do not use illegal drugs. We'll get that out of the way now.
But many (especially recovering alcoholics) will point out the drug-like qualities of alcohol. I enjoy the occasional brew but have rarely partook to the point of complete inebriation. I have also partook of Absinthe once (whose active ingredient is wormwood or thuijone) and throughly enjoyed the flavor and aroma. (A fine drink might I add )

Is this key mainly warning about the use of said substances in excess, or acting as a general warning to stay away for they may ultimately lead to disempowering the user?

As a side note, it is highly possible that I am looking to much into this. I may just need to come back to it at a later time.

Ave Satanas!

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