The Satanic Mass - Picture Disc

"Before heavy metal, before death metal, before black, Satanic gothic metal music, there was The Satanic Mass."

Many of us will not own the original 1968 recording of High Priest Anton LaVey performing The Black Mass live from within the walls of The Black House in San Francisco. This limited edition 12" is an invaluable possession - re-issued on vinyl for the first time since 1968, amd with added liner notes, the disc is presented with a rendition of the scowling countenance of Magus LaVey (and snake) on side A whilst the B-Side depicts The Sigil Of Baphomet - actually framed or mounted in some fashion it occured to me that this would also make a splendid Baphomet for above an altar.

I don't think I need delve into the rudiments of The Mass itself but it is worth mentioning that playing this in your home or ritual chamber provides a pretty emotive experience. Hearing Dr. LaVey's voice resonating as it does is pretty enjoyable.

Of course, many people may own the CD but for collectors of vinyl such as myself this is a Devil - send!

And with only 999 copies available in the whole wide world one calls to mind the magical power rare objects possess!

I noted also that this is manufactured on what I think is 160 Gramm. The proper thick cut vinyl - how the quality used to be in records and not the flimsy things that came along in the eighties when they were encouraging everyone to buy the new fan dangled medium - the dastardly CD!

Ole UV's judgement is thus - this is something that's really worth owning and the rarity alone adds to its magical value.
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