Very nice, especially the Babhomet!

After much indecision I decided to go for a straight forward inverted pentagram, rather than a Baphomet, on my left upper arm last October. Seeing other people's Baphomets, and realising that this is not a breach of CoS copyright (something I was worried about at the time), I might still have one done at a later date, as I do love a good Baphomet tattoo.

I also had a large flaming dagger done on my left forearm (a cover up job), and a large winged skull on my right upper arm in the second half of last year, but due to the lack of facilities at work (where I do most of my posting) I can't show them to you at this point in time! (sorry)

I do love to see pictures of other peoples satanic tattoos, partly because I'm thinking of having some more done soon-ish, and am looking for inspiration and ideas to spark me off.