It has permeated the very core of society. Millions devour its mantras. It has more followers than any other God in the history of man. This is the true God of the masses and it is continually evolving new applications with which to further administer its council to its followers.

This God's power lies in its ability to remove one's need to think for one's self. Thoughts and ideas need no longer be germinated in the mind of the individual - it easily persuades the masses by presenting them with images of what they soon come to accept as what they want. They spew forth stock phrases and terms and words which have been downloaded into their brains straight from their favorite origin (usually a second rate sit-com or soap opera).

The media has many channels running directly to the minds of the weak convincing them of what to wear, how to speak, how to act and how to think.

Choose the image you like from the selection provided.

Choose your vocabulary from the texts provided.

Choose a ready made personality from the traits provided.

All tastes are catered for. Take your pick, or else suffer the consequences of being banished from those little coteries with whom you would like to hold hands.

The media's trudge through the heart of society is one of subterfuge. But it is still a source of amazement just how many people are blind to the fact that they are are so completely reliant on it as the building blocks for their own identities and thoughts.

With a penchant for offering itself as a necessity of life the media has become the ultimate tool of control for those who seek to pull the strings of the puppets.

And the ones with the oft-most pulled strings are the ones who have been saturated, yet are still under the delusion that they remain a free thinker. And unfortunately this delusion is most often bolstered by its owner clinging to philosophies which simply do not fit them.

Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.