Thank u DeLamar for posting this I am 100% support Tom Cruise from the point of view of that drug is not the way to escape realty what ever religion does work for someone is a way to get out of this kind of problem . I have been seeing a mental doctor for almost 6-month and tow month ago I become a Satanist when I draw the figure my successes of been free of drug is become more stronger after I become Satanist now I can say am in control . "self existence" in Satanism remind us a healthy mind Solomon. Hail Satan !


2. in reply to what I did understand- that you support tom cruise's viewpoint: I would think a satanic point of view on mental illness is to just take care of it, in whatever way works best. I dont look down on anyone for taking perscription drugs if they work correctly and there is no abuse involved.
One stupid post too many.