As most of you know, I was the co-owner and creative driving force behind the Dark Candles brand. As most of you also know, I handled the marketing and promotion for that company. In essence, I invested vast volumes of work to make the company what it is today. However, most of you are not aware that I am no longer a part of the company I built. My investment in the company has been taken away, as I am in the midst of a bitter divorce. I am in the process of getting back the company that I legally own, but as with anything that goes to court, this takes quite a while.

I no longer support Dark Candles since my role it in was taken away without my consent. I would like to make it publicly known that I currently have no part in the company and I am also not responsible for any professional decisions regarding the company nor personal decisions concerning the woman who runs the business. I do not support the direction in which she is taking the company, nor do I support the lower quality of the products and the company image, and I do not support her ties to questionable people and organizations in which she involves the company.

I am not stating you should stop buying products from this company just because I no longer support it. I wish to make it known that I am no longer a part of the company and I will not be responsible for the companys actions until it is back in my control later this year. Some of you support my projects with banners and word of mouth recommendations -- for this I thank you and appreciate the support. If you are supporting Dark Candles under these terms, please know that I have not received one dime or any benefits from the company since it was created more than 4 years ago. Again, it is your choice to support this company; I would never think less of someone based on that criterion alone. However, I want the public to be aware that in lending their support to Dark Candles, he or she would not be supporting one of my business ventures.

Please be aware that the woman who is currently running the business is no longer associated with me regardless of the statements she has made to the contrary. If she mentions my name in conjunction with hers, doubt the validity of her story, as I have not been in communication with her for quite some time and will not allow her to use my name as a way to benefit herself. I apologize for having to bring this out into the open but this unfortunate behavior has gone on long enough without a word from me and it must stop. Name dropping is ridiculous but necessary for those who cannot stand on their own feet without the support of those who actually accomplish something in this world.

For those of you who enjoy the products from that company but would rather support a business that adheres to true quality and support for its customers, you will now have a choice. There is a new company on the horizon, built on the original ideals that the Dark Candles Company was built on, called Evening Eclipse. This new company will feature the same quality products but it is built on a solid foundation with goals that are not self-serving but geared towards the alternative, gothic, and dark lifestyles we all live and enjoy.
Thank you to everyone for your support in this matter,


Magister Ventrue

From Hell,

Magister Frost

We're all around you, are you one of Us?
- The Church of Satan Emporium