I'm not exactly sure if this qualifies for a comment. More like an appreciation comment perhaps. When I sighned up to LttD, my purpose was to read interesting and informative essays, have some quick questions cleared up and just to sit and enjoy what other Satanists have to say. I have learned more about the COS as an organization which means that I am in NO hurry to bacome a card carrying member. I'm sure the future will be 'darker' for that day for it will come, just not now. Misanthropy is one reason why I realized myself a Satanist and it was because I didn't have to become a member of a group. I don't have to follow guidelines belonging to an organizational clause or code. I don't really want any part of what anyone has to offer, which seems wierd as a Satanist speaking about Satanism. Anton LaVey's rules aren't strict guidelines. It's common sense. I am satisfied being a part of my family and seeing me as the godhead. (and I don't mean that in a David Koresh way). Just because I may never carry that crimson card doesn't make me feel like I'm not a Satanist. I have enjoyed this site greatly and have appreciated the education from Magisters, Warlocks and Preistess (honestly, while reading posts I sometimes use allwords.com as a tool for learning). Most Satanists are misanthropes and true individuals with their own opinions but some are here looking for other Satanist to meet like it's a Boys Brigade Group. Others are like, "yeah...this guy rocks". "He's anti-COS"...."Oh, that guy sucks". From this I enjoy being a misanthropist and feel very encouraged in myself to say I don't need anyone.

This may seem like a rant as well as an odd comment but thanks for the experience thus far and am looking forward to more than I can handle.
Hail Satan!! Angel with the Scabbed Wings